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Shelden Williams?

Chuck - Red's Army August 3, 2009 Uncategorized 38 Comments on Shelden Williams?


Via the Boston Herald:

According to a league source, the Celtics have reached an agreement with free agent forward Shelden Williams on a one-year, $1.3 million deal worth the veteran’s minimum.

The deal is guaranteed, meaning the C’s have committed one of their final roster spots to Williams.

An unrestricted free agent, Williams played for Sacramento and Minnesota last season, averaging 4.1 points and 3.4 rebounds in 45 games.

The Celtics staff has long liked the former Duke star, who worked out for the C’s prior to being selected by Atlanta with the fifth pick in the 2006 draft.

Williams failed to produce like a top-five pick in Atlanta and was shipped to Sacramento midway through his second year in a deal for Mike Bibby. Williams spent the remainder of the 2007-08 season with Sacramento but was traded again last season, going to Minnesota in a February deal.

The 6-foot-9, 250-pound power forward has averaged 4.7 points and 4.2 rebounds per game in his three-year career.

Williams, nicknamed the “Landlord,” is married to WNBA star Candace Parker.

I know what you are thinking – is this the end of the Glen Davis era? According to Marc Spears Twitter page – No.

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  • thetitleisours

    My gut tells me that this means Bird managed to pluck Scal as part of the Daniels deal.
    Anyone thinking anything similar or am I off in left field?

  • grant

    What does this mean for the chances of Big Baby coming back?

  • nick

    we just signed…Shelden Williams, Call me nuts, but I think this guy is a great pickup, another body to bang with Shaq and D-12, u can never have enough tough rugged players, the skill is there too, something just hasn’t clicked these past 2 years, trust me this guy is 10 times better than Patrick O’Bryant signing last year, so lets not compare it. This is another player who will make life difficult for Gasol and Bynum,and the rest of the pussies of the world, all of our Power Forwards and Centers at this point are physical and tough players, I know im probably more excited than most but if we keeep Big Baby and add Swift and Shelden to be way back on the depth chart, I’ll be super pumped… Sheed, Perk, Baby, Shelden Swift, Marquis, KG, House Pierce Ray & Rondo. At this point we have 3 great athletes who may not even sniff the court.. Tony Allen, Giddens and Walker. Assuming we don’t sign Bruce Bowen, I am willing to give Tony Allen 1 more chance, I know u guys must think im dumb, but i always liked how Tony played when given a little freedom, like he had before the Big 3 era. second unit of Sheed Baby Marquis and House…if Tony is the 5th guy surrounded by all them shooter, then that is a serious oppurtunity for him and Daniels to take it to the house at will. I know those 5 won’t be on the court together all at once very often but just saying.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Wowee. I like this pick up as well. I’ve always thought he’s under-performed as a pro, but I’ve also always noticed his aggressiveness and his potential. I don’t mind this at all. If we do lose Baby, this pick-up lessens the blow because we may see similar play. Though, I don’t think (know) if Sheldon has a sweet 15 footer like Baby. I’d rather keep Baby (and hope we still do), but this ain’t bad.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Also, he’s intelligent. That’s rare in the NBA.

  • I like it… he won’t get big minutes… but you can’t have enough big-man depth. It’s like pitching in the MLB.

  • interesting that all I can say for now

  • Danno

    Something tells me he’s going to be dealt in a sign and trade. Maybe he’s going to Indy with Giddens instead of Scal?

  • Danno

    WTF is wrong with his head?
    Dude looks mongoloid.

  • Mr West

    Glad we are making moves…but i wasnt expecting this. I cant say Im as optimistic as you guys about this..but we’ll see…I do hope that he is part of a sign and trade though. cant we sign Randy moss for the second half of the year? Post superbowl? LOL

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I guess if this will be Scal or Powe’s replacement, fine by me (but I did want Bowen). But we still need Daniels and Hudson, and a way to keep BBD-although he hasn’t had an offer yet.

  • Danno

    We should stop fretting over Big Baby. the longer he goes without and offer from someone else, the better for us. We don’t want to set the market at a lowball price and then have someone else scoop him up for more and have to bid on him again.

  • thetitleisours

    I agree. Sheldon has many limitations, but used sparingly against certain players he can be OK
    So far he has been a flop, but maybe past teams expect too much and as a situational role player he will be a plus

  • celdicks
  • Danno

    And that’s the difference between Celtics fans and Lakers fans.
    Celtics fans show up on time for the game, and sold out games during all those years even when we sucked, and would cheer for opposing team’s players when we recognize greatness and they deserve it for their playing ability. You probably don’t even get that much abotu that video do you?
    Lakers fans show up midway through the 2nd quarter, don’t know the names of half the players on the court, wear shiny godawful sequins and other Hollywood crap to the game to try to get on camera, leave early, and act like belligerent fools on the internet by making up words with childish insults and “dirty words” in them trying to insult us, and failing miserably at it.
    But reall, feel free to come back any time and remind us why we’re the Best fans in all of Basketball.

  • Matt

    Wow, I’m extremely impressed that you would actually come and travel all the way from the nation of Lakers fans to a website that is dedicated to Celtics fans and decide to talk shit! My gosh that must have REALLY taken some memorable effort. And then you replaced the -tics with the name of a man’s genitals to create a pun and furthermore show your hate for the Celtics. Man, I look up to people like you, you sir are MY HERO!
    May I ask you just how long have you lived in your mom’s basement?

  • hahha

    you act like the lakers didnt sell out games all those years? even when they were in building mode from 05-08. Are you jealous that there are no hollywood stars in boston? hahahha because boston is a god awful place to live.

  • Suckdic_Hater

    The difference between Suckdic fans and Laker fans:
    Laker fans would NEVER, EVER, chant MVP for a player on the opposing team … EVER. Suckdic fans would and have.
    Remember, back a few years ago when Kobe Bryant, a Laker, was in Boston and the Suckdic faithful were chanting MVP, MVP, MVP for a Laker.
    This demonstrates one thing:
    1. Suckdic fans are bandwagon fans who abandon their team during years of mediocrity.
    In L.A., you would NEVER hear Laker fans chant MVP for an opposing player.
    You can b*tch all you want about how fans in L.A. don’t show up on time but you only see what the TV cameras show you, which is the thousand dollar seats close to the court. What you don’t see is the more affordable third level that is packed by Laker faithful at the start of every game.
    Face it, not only are Suckdic fans disgraceful, but Boston fans in general are despicable

  • NineSevenEight

    NOBODY here CARES about celebrities, that’s what you guys don’t get! They’re no better than you or I, I don’t know how hard that is to understand.
    I’m more impressed with the next generation of Harvard, MIT, Tufts grads looking to make meaningful contributions to society. That and, you know, doctors and scientists busy trying to cure deadly diseases at the world’s top notch hospitals and research institutions in the city.
    Life can’t always be so superficial can it?…Jack Nicholson could play a doctor on TV, but he’s not going to save anyone’s life. I’m sure you’ve never stepped foot in Boston, let alone lived here to comment.

  • Lex

    Go ahead and post the vid. Its all coo b/tw Celtics brethren.

  • lakersfansarethecrapofthenba

    Hey LAKE-WHORE writer. Your city is a fake pile of crap with a fake pile of Faker fans.
    You had to grab a team from another city to get one? Your name doesn’t make any sense. How about the LA fake boobs or LA poor people driving rich cares cuz’ everyone else is superficial too. Makes more sense.
    Your a team of jerks and a bunch of A-hole fans on top of it, Crap City.
    Faker fans prove over and over again why everyone in the league hates them
    We kicked you sorry asses two years ago and you humiliated you. Still have not gotten over that bitch slap

  • BigMck

    LA vs Boston fans – it’s a great debate.
    Celics and Lakers fans are obviously very passionate. Same can be said for Dodgers/Angels and Red Sox fans.
    I give a slight edge to Bruins fans over Kings fans.
    And comparing Pats fans to…ummm…wait a minute…I forgot…LA didn’t have the fanbase to support a football team.
    How embarassing….

  • Sheldon Willians Makes Sam Cassell Look Handome

    sheldon williams reminds me of vin baker. Fat, unathletic and a total disappointment. what a massive waste of 1.3 million dollars.
    he is a has-been and cant compete in the nba, thats not speculation thats fact. Should of spent it on a rookie that we could develop.

  • Matt

    14 points 11 rebs against the Lakers of 2/10. That might make some light of the deal.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    You obviously have not seen USC play football recently. No, on a serious note, LA cannot get a football team because you cannot get California cities to part with their money. The 49ers are probably moving out of San Francisco. There are three pro football teams in California, and they all have lousy stadiums, with no prospects for new stadiums.
    PS- The Celtics have not always sold out. There was one year recently the Clippers had more attandance.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    2005, Celtics had 7th worst attendance in the league.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Danno, I am with you 100% on the childish words. I dont get it, even if comijng from my Laker Peeps. Not cool.
    But you are wrong about the Celtics always selling out. 2005 they got 16,000 per game, 7th worst in the league. Plus, outside the arena, the Lakers average 2 million viewers per game. Celtics 800,000. More people in LA, but the fans are there for sure. And only the front row wears sequin.

  • Yikkes! He has no retort to that one. Well said, well said. That is pretty funny though how they are really named after the state of 10,000 lakes. Fuckin’ lame. lol.

  • What are you Mr. Fucking

  • jam

    this was supposed to be about shelden williams, not the pussy lakers.

  • Lee

    I had heard Danny was holding onto Scal’s contract in case the need it as a bargaining chip at the trade deadline….but at this point it makes sense to use it in the sign & trade with Indy (they dont want any of our other scrap)….then DA can use the 1.9 bi-ennial to get a back-up point guard who doesnt belong in an insane asylum or on Jerry Springer. I’m serious…..I could see Starbury losing it and dragging the whole ship down with him…..forget about how strong KG is…..Steph is crazier!

  • domz

    sheldon sucks dick like the celtics

  • Shawn-cvd

    I’m from Boston now living in LA and your an absolute ass for saying that. Here’s the scoop about LA folks…
    The weather and food are great. There’s pockets of very cool architecture and the beach is very close. Happy hours are solid at the bars and you can buy booze at super markets and pharmacies ( you read that right JESTER!!!) The people are hit and miss. Most of them are wanna be entertainers interested more in networking than developing friendships.
    The city itself is a facade; it pretends it is a temperate climate with grass everywhere yet every summer there’s a drought and water crisis.
    Los Angeles; Just admit yourself a desert environment and dress accordingly…
    The roads are horrid pot hole messes, the signs have either graffiti or covered with barbed wire or both, the traffic is horrible, the Police hand out chicken S tickets, and public transportation is near non existent. I’ve made best of it by moving near a single bus route that will get me to and from work.
    You cannot take your children through the public school system, original radio programming is being replaced left, right, and center by Top 40 and Rancher o music formats, wild fires hit every fall and you cannot go in the water for 72 hours after it rains due to polution.
    Listen I’m not saying Boston is perfect but your calling the kettle black to be generously kind towards your opinion. But honestly take away the weather and Boston is infinitely better.
    And one last thing: LA is NOT a city… its urban sprawl! It’s one strip mall after the next which you need a car to get to. And in terms of taxes you’ll yons of it and it gets you an unbalanced state budget and little else to show for it.
    But hey at least you have your celebrities…

  • Shawn-cvd

    The comments below are in response to HAHA not you Brotha. Amen to Boston’s embracing of the academia…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Sorry for typo RE taxes. Meant to say you’ll pay tons of it and get nothing in return…

  • Danno

    Boston itself is only about 700,000 people.
    LA is +/- 4 Million people.
    So we average more than the city limits hold, and you can barely pull 50% of your local market.
    And I never said we ALWAYS sold out during the shit years. Don’t put words in my mouth. But we averaged 16k, in a stadium that only holds 18k (you can’t go by “7th worst” because every stadium is a different size, and most of them are much larger than the Garden), and sold out most, if not all of the games against marquee opponents like the Lakers, Bulls and Spurs.

  • thetitleisours

    Don’t bring your male fantasy in here please. This is a sports board

  • TOM