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HoopsWorld Better Have This Bowen Story All Wrong

Wendell Maxey of HoopsWorld says Boston and Cleveland are the two teams gunning for the services of Bruce Bowen. I'm all for addding Bowen to the roster, but not at the expense of Marquis Daniels.

According to published
reports, a return to the Spurs appears "unlikely", while the Celtics
are said to be holding off on signing free agent Marquis Daniels of the
Indiana Pacers until management can decide if adding Bowen to their
roster is more feasible.

On the same day Milwaukee
waived Bowen, Boston declined to pick up the option on reserve point
guard Gabe Pruitt, creating an open roster spot if they now choose to
add a defensive presence that has been lacking since swingman James Posey exited town after the Celtics seized an NBA title in 2008.

Currently, Boston has a
bi-annual exception estimated at $1.9 to apply to either Bowen or
Daniels. But what is the deeper immediate need? Some believe that money
should go towards a back-up point guard to Rajon Rondo, particularly
now since the front office is hesitant to re-sign Stephon Marbury.

Others say the addition of Bowen would only help solidify Boston's team chemistry.

Sorry Wendell, but I just don't think it's an either/or situation with Bowen and Daniels. The Celtics also have the $1.3 million salary slot (which we thought was going to Stephon Marbury) to offer and it seems more fitting for Bowen. And that last sentence about solidifying team chemistry doesn't make much sense to me since there is no issue with team chemistry.

Around the league, the NY Post reports the Knicks are finally ready to make Ramon Sessions an offer.

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  • Lex

    Yeah, I agree. Daniels is coming. The question is whether Bowen would come to play about 40-50 games, mostly to stay fresh for games against the contenders and if injuries/foul trouble make it necessary for him to play more.

  • Lex

    Cleveland sounds like they are flailing for a life jacket. Parker, Moon, and now Bowen. That sounds a bit ridiculous, almost a move done solely to make sure the Cs don’t get him.

  • Good point – the Cavs had added a lot of pieces. I hope Mike Brown is better at juggling minutes than he is drawing up plays.

  • Lex

    THE ARMY–I like this moniker. I’m going to start referring to y’all as this.

  • I don’t put too much trust in “HoopsWorld”. Their tagline is “…NBA rumors..”. But if an inkling of this is true, you gotta go with Daniels all the way. I agree that defense is pertinent to the C’s, but the lack of a tried and true scorer off the bench (other than EHouse, but he’s streaky) killed us last year. Daniels is a must have and if they reneg on this for Bowen, I’d be disappointed. If anything, get them both and dump T.A. and Scal if neccesary to do so. And to totally change the suject, WTF is up with that ad on the left-side of the page…dude has a pair of skivvies wrapped around his chin and it’s supposed to cure snoring?? Hilarious….lol

  • This story is all wrong. The only reason Daniels is not signed is that the owners can save luxury tax money by doing a sign and trade instead,leaving more bread to so sign Davis when need be, It is just about money. Bowen can stil be offered the veteran’s minimum. An addendum here: I hope Cleveland’s bus falls off the highway. That team is after everyone, after losing last year. Seems the owner is real scared of LeBron leaving. Maybe Stern too!

  • I just read that story about Bowen/Daniels. I really think they have the story all wrong, if not, what the hell is danny thinking??? Solidify team chemistry?
    What a stupid statement, Bruce Bowen is going to come in and whip these guys into shape?? Crazy, they should think before they write.

  • Lex

    Bowen for the Vets min is what it would be. Daniels for 1.9 or via sign and trade

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Bowen…ugh…Bowen is overestimated because of his time in the spotlight with the Spurs. He doesn’t have much left, and there are better options for what he can do.
    Why sign 38 year old Bruce Bowen when we could sign 35 year old Walter McCarty?
    Walt has had time off…if he’s been taking care of himself in Louisville, then he should have a lot more left than Bowen. Plus, Bowen has won the NBA championship already, and Walter has not = hunger.
    Or why not Scott Pollard? We’ve got Shaq/Big Z and Dwight/Gortat to deal with this year.
    gustusias1 is right on about the lux tax, but there’s more…
    A 2 for 1 sign and trade for Marquis opens up a roster spot without just cutting/buying out a player. Say we get a deal done for Marquis for Bill Walker and Tony Allen (they should consider offering some cash money as well and see how the Pacers react). C’s would then have a 15 man roster, including Marbury and Lester Hudson. You could also get Lester to sign in Europe or the D-league for a year(with a cheap buyout in case we really need him), and sign Scott Pollard or Walter McCarty or somebody.
    Say we don’t get that 2 for 1 deal done for Marquis. Then we still have TA and Bill Walker, and we probably won’t use either much. Without cutting players or finding another 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal, that means no room for Marbury, and no room for Hudson or the pick one vet min guy: [McCarty, Pollard, Bowen, ???].
    Plus without a trade we wouldn’t have Bird rights on Daniels when his deal was up = have to use exceptions to resign him.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    DANG…not only did I count Leon…I counted Mikki Moore too…come on celtics.com, time for an update…
    So we’re at 14 if you count Marbury AND Hudson…and since they haven’t been signed yet we’re really at 12. Make that 13 with Sheldon Williams.
    Then it’s 14 if we sign Marquis without a 2 for 1 trade. Then there is one spot left, for Marbury, Hudson, or a vet min guy.
    Glen Davis is another variable…but I don’t think he’s going to get a full mid level sized deal and thus leave and free up a roster spot. Although a sign and trade for Davis would probably not be a 1 for 1 deal.

  • celDICKS