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Flashback: A Player for the Ages


From Frank Deford's Sports Illustrated article back in 1988:

Championships mean ever more to Bird—"His mission,' Auerbach calls them. "That's why I play," Bird says. "I'm just greedy on them
things. Winning the championship—I've never felt that way any other
time no matter how big some other game was. I remember the first time
we won, against Houston [in 1981]. We were way ahead at the end, and so I came out with three
minutes left, and my heart was pounding so on the bench, I thought it
would jump out of my chest. You know what you feel? You just want
everything to stop and to stay like that forever."

I stumbled upon this article while surfing SI.com for hoops news. It's a 10-pager, but a great read for anyone who wants to remember the glory days of professional basketball in Boston.

Jump to pages 8 and 9 to read how Larry handled the whole "if he were black, he'd be just another good player" comments made by Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman. Hint – Bird's mother got involved.

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