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NBA title now awarded in early August

At least… according to the OC Register.

Without Odom, the Lakers were still going to win the Western
Conference and make the NBA Finals for a third consecutive season. Then
they would be crash-test dummies for Eastern powers who have buffed up:
Cleveland with Shaquille O'Neal, Boston with Rasheed Wallace, Orlando
with Vince Carter and a one-year-older Dwight Howard.

With him,
and with no cataclysmic injuries, this budding junta cracks down on its
opposition. NBA champions tend to repeat themselves, especially when
they're as young as are the Lakers. Odom again gives the Lakers an
irresistible matchup when he starts, a clear edge off the bench when he

One thing people aren't taking into account is Odom's history of lax play.  True, Odom's return helps LA greatly… but if they get the Odom that coasted through the 2008 finals, they're going to be disappointed.  You have to wonder if Odom turned it on for the big contract… or if he finally figured something out.

Regardless… too much can happen between now and June for something like this to be written.

(via Lex)

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  • Lex


  • Jon

    “especially when they’re as young as are the Lakers”
    Fisher – 35 this month
    Kobe – 31 this month
    Artest and Odom – both turn 30 this Nov.
    Pau – 29
    Only Bynum could be classified as young. This myth that the Lakers are so much younger than other contenders is ridiculous and not based on reality.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Other than Fisher, that is pretty young for a defending champion.
    When MJ was Kobe’s age, he was hitting baseballs professionally. We know he got three more, and probably retired from the Bulls a bit prematurely. They probably would have beaten the Spurs in 1999.
    They will need to find a replacement for Phil Jakckson and the point guard of the future has not been determined. But they are well positioned for the next two years before they negotiate with Pau Gasol in Summer 2011. It would be dishonest to deny the potential for another dynasty. Potential. As opposed to say San Antonio or Boston that have a short term window.
    PS- Odom is not the concern. Bynum is the concern. If Bynum returns to form, goodnight sweety. Averaged 30 points, 16 rebounds, 3 blocks in the 6 games before his injury this season.

  • And NBA history says champions tend to repeat? There hasn’t been a repeat since 2002. That article is absurd.
    Odom helps the Lakers, but I think Artest is a step down from Ariza – for that team. Ariza fit in perfectly and was the role player the Lakers needed. Artest makes a low percentage of his shots and has certainly lost a step. He gives them much-needed toughness, but they aren’t as good as they were last year.

  • celdicks
  • so dumb you cant even listen to your own announcers
    “alot of lakers fans hanging around for this”
    woo lakers fans cheering mvp for kobe like they do in every arena to an echo of boos in the backround

  • dom1020

    thats 2 more buddy.
    4-6 = 2

  • Now that they had resign Odom, Repeating as a champ is likely to happen with the Lakers, Only a healthy Spurs can challenge them.. BTW I’m a Spurs fan..