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Hmmm… Yi looks different

The Nets are one of the teams the Celtics are rumored to be talking to about a trade involving Big Baby.  One of the pieces rumored to be in the deal is Yi Jianlian… who has undergone a bit of a… ummmm…. transformation. (NetsAreScorching has before and after photos).

Now… I don't want to start another blog firestorm by making unfounded accusations about a player.  But I'm curious how a guy who could have been described as "wiry" is going to come back next season jacked after spending a full summer deep in the heart of China. 

At least he's not tucked away in a country that obsesses over sports success and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that.  Man… if that were the case, this would look suspicious.

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  • lmao

  • none

    what, no chairs?

  • wow. danny loves him so you know if they do a s+t for big baby he will be involved.

  • Wow, he is jacked. But all the veins popping out could just be that he was in the weight-room for an hour before this pic was snapped. But their is no doubt my boy added at least 10 or 15 pounds of pure muscle. The other point is that skinny guys cut-up alot easier. Either way, trading Glen for him is a big risk. Yi has a sweet stroke, sure-but he will never match Davis’ intensity and ability to bang down low. Not too mention the way Davis throws his body around with reckless abandon. I’ll bet Baby hit the deck at least once in every game he played last year. If it were a straight-up trade, I’d pass and keep Baby.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Whoa!! He’s ripped up! Now let’s see if he puts this new-found muscle to good use.

  • They’re are a lot of guys in the NBA that if they were in the MLB they would be surrounded by constant steroid speculation, Lebron and Dwight are the first two guys that would come to my mind
    i wouldnt be at all surprised if there were a whole bunch of players on the juice in the NBA, and im not too sure there would be a whole lot of people that cared if there were
    but still he looks jacked in that picture, maybe he’ll turn out to be a player after all

  • nick

    call me nuts but I think Yi is better for this team than Big Baby. If we could swing a trade I would do that quick, I can bet you Rod Thorn wouldn’t do it though, he has always been a crafty G.M. Yi is the type of guy who would be great being in a Pressure Packed environment, but not a focal point of our team. Picture a bench of Yi and Sheed along with Marquis Daniels and House. Those would be the key 4 guys, then you get to talking about another 4 to replace Big Baby, just in case and perhaps another PG, maybe Bobby Jackson or some vet, just in case we dont want to just have just Daniels and House, neither of whom is a true PG. Im just pumped up and I want to fucking smash Cleveland, L.A and Orlando, I don’t register the same hate for the Spurs that I do for those 3 douchebag teams. Really already, Fuck Lamar Odom I cannot wait to see Perk and K.G humilate that bitch just like they did in 2008

  • Yi could be great for this team, but he has to find himself as an NBA player
    personally i think Yi is sort of a tweener, a small four or big three, kind of like a poor mans odom, or rashard lewis; but if we did swap yi for baby i think we need to find another post that possesses some sort of inside presence; i would prefer we sign powe but that doesn’t sound too likely
    think about that roster rondo, ray, pierce, kg, perk, sheed, marquis, house, yi, powe, scal, JR, Bill, and maybe lester hudson and robert swift to fill it out

  • He spent the summer at Impact Athletics facilities in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. An Impact trainer is with him in China. A simple Google search would have shown that, but instead you chose to illuminate some of your ignorant biases.

  • Since you work for Impact, how about hooking me up with a membership

  • Yi would be great for the Celtics. He’s very quick and athletic for his height. And he is talented, in terms of scoring and he can block shots. The Celtics will need a lot of tall people who can block shots if they ever do play the Lakers for the championship again. Big Baby will have trouble guarding the likes of Gasol, because he is too short.