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These Anti-Celtics Leon Posts Are Ridiculous

Via Ball Don't Lie:

Then there's Leon Powe, who apparently is "way ahead of
recovery" while coming back from another torn ACL,
and could be off
to Cleveland

There's your perfect fit. Powe can play, and while I don't really
want to touch too much on the Celtics refusing to even offer the guy a
Qualifying Offer after years of solid bench play from Powe (a move that
was as short-sighted — Rasheed Wallace?
— as it was distasteful), it would be a bit of poetic justice if he
were to get up, dust himself off, and starting putting up big nights
for the Cavaliers off their pine. 

If he's 90 percent of his old self
by Thanksgiving, the Cavs have pulled off a huge move. Powe can score and score
and score and score, and with Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach John Kuester
turning into Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester, the Cavaliers need all
the good hands they can find.

I'm fed up with all these anti-Celtics posts regarding Leon Powe. I believe it's something the haters are using as a reason to attack the greatest franchise in the history of professional basketball.

I guarantee that had the Cavs or Lakers signed Rasheed Wallace over a guy who is coming off his third left knee reconstruction (and microfracture surgery), there'd be nothing but praise for those organizations.

From a payroll perspective, the Celtics are maxed out. They don't have the room to reward Leon with a qualifying offer (such an offer wouldn't be close to enough, if you believe David Aldrige). There is too much risk. You can't tie up salary on a guy who won't be back until February (if then) and even then, you won't know how much he'll contribute.

I love Leon, but to say he can "score and score and score and score" is laughable. He's a helluva role player, and one tough SOB, but let's not go overboard.

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  • “Ball Don’t Lie” had another post a few days ago teasing Perk about not smiling. Then, in the comments section, some racist bigot made some unrepeatable comments about Perk and his new wife. I complained to JE Skeets, who runs the blog, and he was cool and quickly removed the comments. But all summer, BDL has had negative stuff; from Pierce allegedly giving some idiot the cold-shoulder at a craps table in Vegas, to this latest Leon Powe entry. I don’t want to bash BDL, but it’s becoming obivous they are not big fans of the Green.

  • larry

    what.?? leon can score.!!just ask the lakers in game one of the finals last year.!!leon was a true celtic.!!i will teach my son to play tough, just like leon does.!!

  • G4L

    Danny Ainge did what he had to do. This is the prime reason why fans can’t be GM’s. Ainge has to put emotions aside & make the tough decisions for the better of the team.

  • C’sblowcock

    the greatest franchise in the history of professional basketball is the Lakers organization, you fucking dumbass.

  • I believe it’s something the haters are using as a reason to attack the greatest franchise in the history of professional basketball.
    What do the Lakers have to do with any of this?
    (I’ll leave on my own)

  • darn, I was beaten to it. And so much more eloquently!

  • SuckmyCeltic

    The lakers are the greatest franchise you idiot

  • As proven by the 17 World Championship banners that the Lakers have in their rafters?
    Gotta love a team that currently builds its foundation on a rapist.

  • Leon Powe Is Worth Every Penny

    you think this is a sentimental thing? it was a bad business decision. The guy played with DOMINANCE. Did the celtics owe it to him? No one owes anybody anything in the NBA. Will he be a starter elsewhere? Yes and we could of got him for pennies on the dollar and he would of contributed huge (again) when it really mattered (the playoffs arent oct-dec). Waste of a roster spot? Please tell me what scalabrine, giddens, t allen etc bring?
    I can’t wait to pull your blog up when he’s back in the saddle and scoring big. I bleed green but im not shortsighted enough to admit when the team i love is wrong.

  • a move that was as short-sighted — Rasheed Wallace? — as it was distasteful), that quote sums it up best and it’s true Danny F’d up this one

  • Letting Leon Powe go was the worst decision Danny Ainge and the Celtics have made in a long time. Not from a basketball standpoint. Leon’s not that great a player.
    But it just doesn’t say much about this organization’s class by letting go of Powe. How can you look a guy in the eyes, after what he’s done, and not give the guy an offer.
    Good business decision, but Celtics basketball isn’t a business. Like Red Auerbach said…. the Celtics are a way of life. And this wasn’t the right way to live a life.

  • Orb

    I agree we should have signed him, but “played with DOMINANCE” is as ridiculous as saying he can “score score score.” Leon’s a great guy, but he’s a nice piece of the puzzle off the bench, nothing more. He’s really put it together for a couple of games (finals game 1, that last regular season game before he busted his knee again), but that’s mostly because the defense was busy with all the hall of famers on the team. Let’s not get crazy and pretend he can do that every night.

  • bigmck

    Ainge’s move was Belichick-ian in nature. How come we hail that hoodie wearing a-hole in Foxboro but criticize Danny for making a business decision?

  • Belichick is not an a-hole.
    Unless you’re name is Belichick?

  • Come on would the Rooney family do something Like this? Nope this was a lack of cLass showed be the C’s as a whole.. Stay thursty

  • G4L

    Why is everyone flipping out about Leon?? I understand that he was a GREAT guy and a GOOD bench player.. but guys lets not get it twisted, He’s not the second coming of Charles Barkley.. especially when he’s coming off his third knee surgery. This move had to be made! Did it Suck.. YES!! But Its for the best of the team! Do you not trust Danny Ainge after all the good moves he’s made?
    BigMack is right it was a Belichick-ian move & thats a good thing! Let it go guys! We’re trying to win Banner #18 not try to play I love employee number 0.

  • G4L

    *trying to play I love employee number 0.

  • whatthefuck?

    wtf? the lakers dropped Ariza for Artest and we are getting bashed like hell that it was a bad move. If anything people hate Lakers 10x more then Celtic… the 2 type of fans that actually respect us is Orlando fans and some San Antonio fans…

  • absolutely agree-

  • Niiiice. Yeah, the Fakers have a ways to go

  • Jon

    The Celtics took a big chance on a guy with 2 major knee surgeries in the 2nd round of the draft. He worked out great for us and proved he could play in the NBA. Now he’s looking for more money than we have to offer and it seems he might get it from someone. I don’t see how we screwed Leon. We gave him the opportunity to make a name for himself. I’d say it was mutually beneficial and now we’re parting ways. I think Big Baby has more of a right to be annoyed than Leon.

  • leon is extremly overrated and overvalued…he was a marginal role player to begin with, um He actually completly and utterly stunk it up 3/4 last season when complelty healthy….he had a good week, then gets injured. twice. hes just a fan favorite and a nioe guy…. ill never understand why some guys can so less then others to get credit around the nba

  • bad buisness decision? no great decision, as was the risk of drafting him and giving him his chance at the time.
    he played with dominance?
    Youre a homer
    he could be a starter?
    Um on the worst team in the NBA, maybe
    contribute in the playoffs?
    because doc put him in the perfect spot in the finals in game 2 being defended by luke walton people think hes a playoff performer, hes done nothing else in the playoffs besides that.
    the team was wrong?
    for not signing a marginal role player after a 3rd serious knee injury?

  • class?
    has nothing to do with class. people are ignorant to start talking about goddamn class when it comes to running a basketball franchise.
    now hes a goddamn free agent with a serious knee injury and we have a better player in glen davis too sign and actually contribute, has nothing at all to do with class.

  • bigmck

    So let’s say the C’s made him a qualifying offer and Powe became a restricted free agent.
    What if Leon bolted to the team that threw the most money at him? Would we skewer him for leaving the Celtics…the team that gave him a chance?

  • CFH

    The Celtics didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory with the way they handled Leon’s situation, but the criticism of them has long since passed ridiculous.
    The “poor Leon played hurt and underpaid for three years” argument is nonsense. ALL young players who contribute are underpaid. All the other teams passed on the chance to underpay Leon because he was known to be injury prone. He knew playing would hurt and he (reasonably) chose to enter the draft and play and hurt… he’s a great guy, but playing with pain wasn’t some kind of magnanimous gesture.

  • That didn’t happen though, Chuck.
    And I think banning To The Ruins would make the site a lot better. I think almost everyone would agree.