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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army August 1, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Week in Review

We started the week with John trying to capitalize monetarily on Stephon Marbury's insanity. But that was kind compared to the butcher job Yahoo! Sports did on Steph.

The Bruce Bowen to Boston rumors surfaced, as did the news that the Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade hit a snag.

Growing a bit impatient with the Daniels situation, we brought you our very own Marquis Daniels introductory press conference. We've also answered the all-important "what number will he wear" question.

We witnessed the greatest headline ever in the history of record events and we remembered the great Reggie Lewis.

Las Vegas professed their love for the Lakers, a respected and we debated the best guard duo in the NBA (Rondo/Ray vs Kobe/Fish vs Manu/Parker). Speaking of Kobe, he was rightfully listed as one of the most hated athletes on the planet.

Our two favorite writers made appearances this week. Bill Simmons criticized the Celtics and made it clear he doesn't like their chances this year, while Charley Rosen embarassed himself (yet again) by calling KG and Chris Paul overrated and Kwame Brown underrated. Rosen should have made the case for Lamar Odom being overrated, but since he didn't, I gave it my best shot.

John elevated his game with a great post on Paul Pierce, wondering whether he's the last great Celtic, and then quickly reverted back to normal by showing us a video of turtle foreplay.

As always, we found a way to get hot chicks on the site. We posted pics of Eliza Dushku: A Hot Celtics Fan and brought you up to speed on the auditions for the Kings dancers.

Did I miss anything?

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