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Sporting News Screws Red Auerbach

The top 10 coaches of all-time, according to the Sports News:

1. John Wooden, college basketball
2. Vince Lombardi, NFL

3. Bear Bryant, college football

4. Phil Jackson, NBA

5. Don Shula, NFL

6. Red Auerbach, NBA

7. Scotty Bowman, NHL

8. Dean Smith, college basketball

9. Casey Stengel, MLB

10. Knute Rockne, college football

Stop rubbing your eyes or reloading the web page, TSN did select Phil Jackson ahead of Red Auerbach.

I've always thought labeling Red as a coach was an insult. He was a pioneer and one of the best executives the league has ever seen.

Danny Ainge must be back from vacation. Here's what he told the Herald about Gabe Pruitt's release:

“Yes, Marquis is coming in and we like him a lot,” Ainge said, “but
this move was just because there wasn’t going to be a lot of
opportunity for Gabe in this lineup.”

Pruitt’s departure may enhance rookie guard Lester Hudson’s chance
of making the team. The Celts’ second-round pick currently is unsigned
and recovering from finger surgery.

“Well this means there is one less player to deal with,” Ainge said.
“We like Lester and what we’ve seen from him, but we’re still

Glad to read Daniels is still coming to Boston.

Around the league, Yahoo! Sports reports Orlando might have interest in Bruce Bowen.

The NBA will reveal the schedule to its teams on Monday and to the public on Tuesday.

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  • The Phil Jackson argument is that he won his titles in an era where its harder to win multiple championships…. but Red won all of his with one team and absolutely dominated that era and revolutionized the game.

  • celticssuck

    awww cry me a river

  • Celtics Rule

    why wouldnt phil jackson be higher than red? he has more titles first of all, has coached 3 three-peat teams, and maybe the most impressive coaching job he has done came in the last two years; leading a youthful lakers group to the finals last year and then re-grouping this year and getting back to the top after 7 years gone. Phil coached in a completely different and more difficult era to be an effective coach. the argument that he won only because he had the best players is stupid – what title team has ever had bad players? and honestly red coached some super stacked teams – should we discredit red too bc he was coaching a team of all-stars? bottom line, phil > red, at least from a coaching standpoint. live with it

  • WC

    List looks good to me. Red was good, but not great.