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Might as well stockpile the hate


We all know the Celtics are disliked, hated, despised, reviled with a white-hot passion of a thousand suns. But that's because everyone who isn't a C's fan is a neanderthal douche with genital warts.

Anyway… as part of my "embrace the hate" campaign… I will now start openly campaigning for the signing of the recently waived Bruce Bowen… now widely regarded as the dirtiest player in the game.

He's available, probably at the veteran minimum.  He's 38, which means he'll only expect to play about 15 minutes a game.  And at 38, he'll also fuel the hate-filled "look at how old the Celtics are" jokes.  He'll probably be an 8th or 9th man… but he's an 8th or 9th man with a few tricks up his sleeve that can be used in a pinch.  He's also got the ability to actually hit an open shot. 

I think it all depends if the C's can still work a sign and trade to bring in Marquis Daniels.  Moving one or two players would open up a spot.  I think Bowen would be a decent insurance policy.  And I think winning a title after signing Rasheed Wallace AND Bruce Bowen would cause peoples' heads to explode. 

At this point… we might as well.  They're going to hate us anyway… might as well give them a reason to hate us.

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  • Jason

    LOL. Go get Bruce! What are you guys running over there? A geriatrics hospital. 38 yrs old good lord! You guys are sure going the opposite direction. Cant wait to see you guys fail again this year!

  • thetitleisours

    I agree that the FANS who are the most annoying are the Lakers

  • Jess

    I think that instead of us getting older we need to add some young blood to our team. What happens when our core decides to retire? Who’s going to be able to keep us in the title hunt? Just my opinion.

  • nick

    Amen, lets sign this crazy old fuck. Why don’t people understand that we aren’t a young team, we aren’t gonna get young, and we shouldn’t fucking care. this year and next year is our title window with this squad! Bowen and Marquis off the bench with Sheed, Big Bbaby and House and Giddens would be great. Hopefully he can fuck with Lebron and Kobe for about 10 minutes a game

  • rod

    i honestly believe the lakers are more hated than the celtics.

  • CFH

    Why would Bowen come to Boston?
    If he wants to be on a title contender, why wouldn’t he go back home to San Antonio?
    And if San Antonio doesn’t want him anymore, and didn’t trade him with the wink-wink, nudge-nudge expectation that he’d be back… isn’t that a sign that his tank is empty?

  • srm90

    That’s because they are.

  • WC

    Love the train of thought here…..Dirtiest player in the league belongs on the dirtiest team in the league.
    Ummm…..ok then.
    Good luck with that.