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Marquis Daniels needs a number

Daniels If you don't know by now, I'm a Twitter freak.  But that's a good thing right now, because that's the only place I'm finding any Celtics news right now.

Last night, Marquis Daniels (by the way, pretty sure it's him, but not 100%) put out this tweet:

What number should I wear next year in BOSTON?

Then he said this:

I knt wear my kollege number 3, or my NBA number 6, so help me out here make sure u dnt pikk a number dtz retired in beantown

My suggestion would be to put them together and wear 36.  It's available.  Multiply the numbers and you get Dave Cowens' #18.  Add the numbers and you get Rajon Rondo's #9.  Double the, um, "kollege" number and you get 33… worn by… ummm…. oh jeez… it's at the tip of my tongue.

So what number should he wear?  If you can't remember every retired number, here's the list.  If you want to tell Marquis yourself, follow him on Twitter.

After the jump, the most literal example ever that Stephon Marbury's life has devolved into a car wreck

At 1:43, there's some kind of accident.  Then Steph goes on a big rant about how it was the devil.

Here's my question: At 3:37, Steph says "we just got in a bad accident"… but after the accident happened, they just drove off.  So did we witness a hit and run?  Or did they just get t-boned by someone else and then drive off without checking on the other driver? 

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  • I told him to wear 7-it’s his 7th NBA season, his bday is Jan. 7th and it’s not

  • I say #66. He still gets his 6. Actually 2 of them. And he doesn’t have to go very far to do better than the last Celtic that wore it.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    So to make a U-turn, you gotta:
    1: Slow down
    2: Relax
    3: Do it
    Gotta admit though, I like his optimism. And what’d they hit? Hit and run? Naaah.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Steph is a crazy mofo…not saying that in a good way.
    Keep him off the bench…he might be going to jail for leaving the scene anyway…

  • JD

    I don’t want my backup point guard being a prolific, attention starved joke, because that’s what Marbury is right now, a joke. And he’s turning into a distraction.

  • I wonder what all the guys in the NBA are saying when they see it?