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Introducing… your “All-Celtics team”

Yeah, it's a little slow around here.  But that just gives us a chance to get creative.  And one thing that I know we always like debating is "All-Time" teams.  So I'm going throw out my "All-Celtics" team.

PG:  Bob Cousy The "Houdini of the Hardwood" set the stage for all future point guards.  He proved flashy can be effective.  And he always made sure his teammate got the ball where they needed it.

SG:  Paul Pierce – Playing a little out of position but this team needs a slasher.  Pierce can take it to hole and finish with the best of them.  And I've never seen a player take contact and put up a shot that has a legit shot at going in quite like Pierce.

SF:  Larry Bird – What do I need to say about Bird?  This is the go-to guy.  He's the primary scorer.  Pierce is clutch option #2. 

PF:  Kevin McHale – Every team needs a guy on the post that can create his own offense when all else fails.  McHale had a bag of low-post tricks that put everyone to shame.  If today's post players had half his moves, the NBA would be a much better place.

C:  Bill Russell
– He's "what do I need to say about him?" guy #2.  Russ is our stopper.  The human eraser.  He will block shots, grab rebounds and do whatever needs to be done to win.  He's the ultimate team player. 


JoJo White – He could play the point, or you throw him in there at the 2.
Dennis Johnson – He's in the lineup in late game defensive situations. 
John Havlicek – Not bad having a guy who once average 29 ppg ('70-'71) as your primary scoring threat off the bench.
Sam Jones – From the '64-'65 season to the '66-'67 season, his playoff averages were 26.7 ppg, 4.9 rpg, and 2.9 apg.
Dave Cowens – Don't tell him he was undersized.  He's got a career average of 13.6 rebounds per game.  And that includes average-killing seasons of 9.6, 8.1, and 6.9 at the tail end of his career.  In 1972-73, he averaged 20.5 ppg and 16.2 rpg. 
Tom Heinsohn – One thing you notice when going through C's history… we never had a lot of quality size.  But even at 6'7", Tommy could fill it up.  At his peak, he was averaging just over 21 ppg and right around 10 rebounds. He's a forward that can really stretch the defense.
Robert Parish – The Chief was just the epitome of consistency.  You could always count on something like 18 points, 10 rebounds and couple of blocks from him.  He's also willing to knock the crap out of a Piston if need be.

Coach:  Red Auerbach – Well, it's not like I was going to pick Jimmy Rodgers.  Besides, on a team with 12 Hall of Famers, Red's the only guy who could manage all those egos.

So there it is… my All-Time Celtics team.  There are plenty of great players who didn't make it.  Who do you think should make it and who should come off?  Let me know your team.

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  • Mr West

    my team since 1990-
    Paul P
    KG ( in his Prime of course )
    Big AL

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I may put Reggie in over Nique on that list.

  • Mr West

    How could i forget my man Reggie…i agree

  • icee cold

    hey you can’t have KG in his prime, he was on the t’wolves. KG in 08 still deserves to be on the list in my opinion though

  • icee cold

    oh and also i would def take antoine over big al. i love big al but he didn’t become the elite player he is until the KG trade. antoine was the face of the franchise from 96-02

  • Cliff

    Love the list. Left to me, I probably would’ve put Sam Jones as the starter over Pierce just because he was freakishly reliable in the playoffs and owns the second most rings. But I have no problem with Pierce there.

  • Can’t argue with it As Head Athletic Trainer, Ed Lacerte

  • KaiserNY

    I agree with the list. No one mentioned Lewis. I think Pierce has taken Reggie Lewis’ on the all-time team. While Lewis was better defensively and effective offensively, Pierce offensive game is more polished and has no weaknesses.

  • another tim.

    i pretty much agree with this list (i’m not going to pretend to know much about cousy), but i was wondering if KG and/or Allen were left off purely on talent or for some other reason (i.e. they haven’t been Celtics long enough, tail end of careers, etc)?

  • Ajay

    Cavs, Orlando, Dallas, Lakers call Leon Powe

  • They haven’t been here long enough. And I’m not going to count their entire body of work towards their 2 year here.
    You could make a strong argument that KG of the championship season belongs on the bench…. but I looked at this list as guys who spent all or most of their careers with Boston.

  • KaiserNY

    I agree. 2007-2008 Kevin Garnett was such a defensive beast. Could you imagine how a lineup of Russel, DJ, Mchale, Garnett at SF. would shutdown teams.

  • Joe Somebody

    I’d throw Reggie Lewis in there instead of DJ.

  • Jp

    “He’s also willing to knock the crap out of Piston if need be.”
    I would have commented earlier but I just got back up off the floor from laughing. You just made my day!!!

  • KG is probably than McHale was, and together with Russel he’d form the most frightening interior defense concievable. However, that woudl alter your thought behind the whole thing so I can see why he’s left out. Allen would probably be on the bench. Everything else seems about right.

  • And Havlicek off the bench;-)

  • hi

    the all-lakers team would own this team, easily.

  • Kevin Garnett will always be a Timberwolf though, ya know? it would be like if pierce got traded to the wolves instead of vice versa, he always would be remembered as a celtic

  • DJ def deserves to be there over Reggie. Nothing against Reg…

  • I’m disappointed Joe Kleine didn’t make the cut.

  • That’s a hard one. Obviously Magic was better than Cousy and West probably a better 2 than Pierce (considering he’s out of position), but Bird is definately a lot better than Jerry West ever was, and I don’t see any Laker PF:s as good as McHale (if we can’t have KG, you can’t have Malone). At Center, you can’t have Wilt since he was mostly a Philly player, but Kareem should suffice with Shaq as backup. Kareem or Russell? I’d go with Russell, but these are both top-5 centers all-time. Hard to say. In whole, the all-time lakers would be better offensively, but the all-time Celtics would be a lot tighter defensively. It’d be close. It’s the two best franchises in the league.

  • G4L

    Introducing G4L as the official Towel boy!

  • Patteaux


  • There is no way that this list does not put John Havlicek on the first team. You can love Pierce all you want, he will never be the player Havlicek was.