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The most hated people in sports

Kobe_scowl So Forbes put up a poll about the most hated people in sports.  Here's a look at the list:

  1. Michael Vick
  2. Manny Ramirez
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Terrell Owens
  5. Kobe Bryant
  6. Allen Iverson
  7. Isiah Thomas
  8. Stephon Marbury
  9. Nick Saban
  10. John McEnroe

Funny.. there are no Celtics on that list. 

Just look at this list for a second.  People like Isiah Thomas more than they like Kobe Bryant.  Zeke is human napalm.  He's ruined everything he's ever touched after his playing career.  And they like HIM better than they like Kobe. 

I don't know… I think that says something.

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  • 1.) Manny Ramirez above A-Rod? Really?
    2.) It makes total sense that Kobe is the highest ranked NBA player.
    3.) Love to see my man Johnny McEnroe rounding out the list. As a tennis fan…god I love that guy.

  • An excerpt from the story:
    Bryant’s reputation still suffers from a rape allegation he endured five years ago. He put the incident behind him after charges were dropped, but he still scores poorly with fans turned off by what they see as an act to curry public favor. Fair or not, Bryant just isn’t seen as genuine, according to E-Poll.

  • Cliff

    Haha McEnroe. I can’t believe people don’t like him. I find him hilarious. But I guess it comes with a sort of pride.

  • Why the hell is McEnroe on the list? This isn’t 1987.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    You guys make it hard for a guy to get any work done. If there was a list of most admired athletes, Kobe would also be on that list. He is the classic polarizing figure. The Obama of the sports world, so to speak.
    Remember when Sports Illustrated did a poll of current NBA players and asked “Which player would you most want to play with” and “which player would you least want to play with”. Kobe won both polls.

  • Sal

    Man, I hate Gasol more than I hate Bryant. Also, Iverson on that list is a fucking joke.

  • Cliff

    Well there was just that thing in the doubles tournament were his team retaliated in an argument by serving at a guy (which I found hilarious by the way). But first of all, I didn’t think senior tour doubles got people’s blood boiling. Second, anyone who’s played the least bit competitive tennis and says they haven’t sent a shot across someone’s bow is lying.

  • Bryant is hated because hes great
    this is a mediocre list
    Barry bonds, clemens?

  • If Bryant was hated because he’s great, than Jordan would be the most hated athlete of all time.
    Bryant is hated because he’s smug ass SOB. Dude gets caught cheatin (& raping) and he points the finger at Shaq. That’s some bitch shit

  • Agreed. To say he’s hated because he’s great is not accurate. That’s not to say it’s not the case sometimes… but I think there’s more than that with Kobe

  • Al

    People can see personality wise he’s a fraud – all that fake crap he puts on…his face in the finals, his doing work mocumentary, his ‘awesome teammate’ persona when u can read people’s body language and know he’s hated…..

  • thetitleisours

    True. Very dew people did not like Michael Jordan.
    I think some of this is reflection on the team itself. MJ was on the Bulls. Not much love/hate there. Celtics/Lakers draws more emotion, so the players will take some of the brunt.
    Nobody talked about hating KG until he became a Celtic, correct? Then all of a sudden he was a different player when he joined us? Rigggghhhhhhtttt
    But Kobe also needs to share some of that blame for his attitude and persona. Definitely not for everyone. He has a history of selfish behavior (wasn’t he mad for the team not trading Bynum?), bad teamate, and not understanding what “no” means

  • srm90

    If he wasn’t great, why would there be a reason to hate him? If he was just an average ho-hum player nobody would care as much. It’s a strong combination of both.

  • Lakers2010

    There’s no Celtdics on the list because they arn’t popular enough. Everyone knows Kobe.

  • Reading comprehension, get into it.
    8. Stephon Marbury

  • thetitleisours

    That is why they hate Kobe, cuz they know him on the Lake-whores

  • Isaac

    No Favre? Really?