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Ron Artest is your problem now, LA.

Ron Artest is known for a lot of things… many of them not good.  But with each new stop, we hear people say "if we get the good Artest… this is a great signing."  In fact, you can hear that on full display on the last 8th Seed Podcast.

And maybe this time it will be different.  It's a fresh start on a championship club.  What's past is past, right?  There's no need to drudge up some old crap like… oh… the Palace brawl.

Mistake # 1: Re-living the most embarrassing incident in league history.
Mistake #2:  Videotaping yourself re-livingthe most embarrassing incident in league history.
Mistake #3:  Posting the tape of you re-living the most embarrassing incident in league history on YouTube.

What did he think… we don't get the same internet China gets?  C'mon Lakers fans… there are a ton of you on the site today… you've got to admit this is really dumb.  This doesn't bother you… not even a little?

I will give him credit, though.  He picked the hottest girl in the province to open the video.  That's solid.

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  • FSantos33

    I liked the video. Ron’s IQ fits his name team perfectly.
    Interviewer Shin Shin is pretty hot.

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    He’ll fit in perfectly with the Rhodes scholars in LA.

  • Leo

    I don’t see what’s wrong with it. He isn’t making light of it at all, he’s just talking about it, and paid his dues. As far as him being our problem, I guess we have a very horrible player…Darn!

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    he hasn’t got any common sense.
    that always brings problems.

  • nba101

    Why is this even on this site? Just another thing so you guys can say something bad about Artest I guess…

  • G4L

    Thats exactly right.. but he does it to himself.

  • G4L

    I like how he just dismissed the fans when taking pictures.. pretty funny.

  • Nate H

    i just talked to starbury on the phone… hes a cool dude haha

  • I doubt you did-everyone who’s called that number says it’s bogus. Is it possible for an oriental woman to be a dumb blond?

  • you’re lucky, everyone else has gotten a message saying the voicemail box is full

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    First of all, it is awesome how big the NBA is in China. I am sure there are some blogs over there having as much fun as we are.
    I am a pretty honest dude. This video does not bother me at all. I think he was trying to impress Shin Shin. Apparently it was working.
    The Palace Brawl bothers me. But I can separate a funny video from a terrible event.
    Also, Artest jokes about the brawl all the time. During the Lakers series, he had an awesome one-liner about going into the stands.
    And the brawl was not the most embarrasing event in NBA history. That belongs to the Lakers wearing short shorts in the first half against the Celtics two years ago.

  • looks like Ron Ron Barked Barked his Shin Shin!

  • FSantos33

    Bro, oriental is to describe rugs, I believe Asian woman would be proper. Nothing personal. You are still my boy Kwapt

  • Anon

    Better than stephon crying and eating vaseline lol

  • srm90

    It’s a high risk, high reward situation.
    If it works out, the Lakers are even more dangerous than they were last year, because Artest is a far superior on-the-ball and man-to-man defender compared to Ariza (If you don’t admit this I don’t know what to say, pay more attention maybe?).
    Ariza’s strengths were off-the-ball and in the passing lanes.
    I commend the Lakers front office for taking a chance at making our team that much better even given the risks. Ariza would never be able to man up against the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, or Paul Pierce.

  • boston CelDicks

    ron artest always does stupid stuff… the michael jackson song was horrible, the brawl was horrible, this video is horrible but we got him to come in n play ball and he is a HUGE step up from Ariza, who gives a fuck wat he does in his spare time as long as he comes in a plays hard… i don’t

  • boston CelDicks

    barked barked shin shin? ur comment is so fucking gay dude

  • Being a Celtic fan I am sure you know Gay. You’ll be sucking hind wind next year too!

  • Sorry if you took offense to it-it was not meant to be hurtful . KWAPT.