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Report: Odom to Resign with Lakers


Free agent forward Lamar Odom will return to the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA source said Thursday.

One source with knowledge of the talks told the four-year deal
is worth $33 million if the Lakers exercise the final season.

One source close to the process said Odom will come away with a
guaranteed $27 million from the new contract, matching the original
value of the three-year, $27 million deal Lakers owner Jerry Buss
pulled off the table earlier this month.

Looks like Dr. Buss won this staring contest. The reason? Odom had nowhere else to go. The Miami offer (5 years, $34 million) was nowhere close.

I give the Lakers credit. They resigned a key free agent at reasonable money.

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  • SoLongBoston

    this signing today just created a new Lakers dynasty for years to come. hahahahahahahahaha

  • Can WE sign some player now? I’m starting to have a bad feeling.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    You can hear a huge sigh of relief all over Los Angeles today.
    But if we sign Daniels AND Big Baby, we’re still the better team. It will all come down to health again at the end of next season. If we both meet in the playoffs and both teams are healthy, it will be one hell of a finals.

  • Lakerhater

    Even Odom knew his value was overstated. Won’t matter, toxic Ronny will have the fakers at each others throats.

  • Alex

    Wade must be pissed off.

  • WestCoastCelt

    The guy has unique talents as a 4 for sure and always has, but he’s a headcase. Don’t ever forget that. So he got it together for one season in order to earn another contract. Underneath he’s still a stroll-through-life guy. Now that his income is guaranteed for the next four years no matter if he gives 100% or 0%, you think he’s going to maintain last year’s focus, effort and production? More than likely he’ll revert back to his normal try-when-I-feel-like-itness.
    Couple that with Artest who you know follows only the voices in his head and a “leader” that his teammates hate. Kobe’s not one to keep order. He comes to get his stats, then go home. He doesn’t have time to think of anyone else, the team. Are you kidding? Who’s going to maintain control in that locker room? Jordan was there to reel in Rodman. Kobe doesn’t have that in him and now he has a powder keg in Artest that could explode at anytime and a cream puff in Odom who could implode at anytime. I can see the wheels falling off very easily and very swiftly. Just one of those two has to pull some BS, then the other is going to go off on his own very shortly after and then everything will be chaos. You think Fisher can reign those two in? Gasol? Bynum? No chance.
    The only hope is both those guys have renewed focus at this point in their careers, but frankly I don’t see it. There’s just two much inherent crazy in both of them. Over 82 games, it’ll reach the surface.
    I see the Lakers as as risky as any top team in the league.

  • rod

    Cool story bro.

  • Jeff

    Good story. Way to make yourself feel better. LMFAO!

  • WestCoastCelt

    Completely typical of detestable Laker fans. Instead of discussing their joy on their own fan sites, they instead come to Celt fan sites to troll and make sure everyone knows what tools they are. Don’t worry; we know. You’ve made it abundantly clear time and again.
    And besides, you just lucked into the title by the Rockets and Celtics having key injuries (I already know what you are going to say, but sorry you would have still lost had Bynum played in the ’08 Finals). You would think you would just enjoy your good fortune, but no, got to be douches, which really just shows your fear for the upcoming season. Hold on to past glory as much as you can; it’ll only last the year.
    You can go back to blowing Kobe the rapist now. Enjoy your circus next year, at the end of which you will relinquish your tainted title to the rightful champs, the mighty Boston Celtics!

  • DRJ

    Couldn’t agree more with WestCoastCelt. Some additional points:
    – The Odom deal hasn’t happened yet. It’s one source. Remember that Portland is owned by a multi-billionaire, and if, as has been reported, they really want Odom, they might still find a way to get him.
    – I doubt Odom will ever play hard again, at least until his next contract year (by which time he’ll be 33-34), If he doesn’t die of diabetes by then.
    – Gasol is mentally stable, but is certainly a cream puff.
    – Everybody on the Lakers will be less motivated next season as compared with last. Only natural… they “proved” what they set out to prove (only they didn’t ’cause the Cs were so damaged.)
    – Letting young, great-and-getting-better Ariza walk in return for crazy, aging, declining Artest ranks as one of the stupidest moves of the year. Almost as dumb as Cleveland spending a fortune to acquire slow, fat, old Shaq.
    Cs, meanwhile, added Rasheed, Daniels (hopefully) and Lester Hudson… who could just be Rondo-plus-a-jumper in-the-making. Now if they could just dump TA and Gabe on somebody…..

  • Nick

    Ya Odom really crfeated a lot of mismatches with his precious unique talents in the 2008 NBA fINALS.. He is so unique and talented and special..He is an enigma, he is so unique, did I mention he is a unique player? Bottom line is the guy is a fuckin pussy and Perk and K.G treated him like one in the NBA Finals. He will get bitched out again next year just like that fucking bum Gasol! As far as SKILLS go the Lakers are a very skilled team. But im telling you because I haven’t missed a game since fucking Dominque Wilkins was in green when I was 4, The Lakers are pussies!! Y cant people see this. It really reminds me of how The steelers are the clear cut # 2 team in the NFL behind New England. When ever the Pats ain’t been in their way the Steelers can win the title..But beating New England just isn’t somehting they are capable of in a playoff setting. This is the exact same case as the Lakers and Celtics. It simply won’t happen if both teams are at full strength. No fucking way. And I have a question, does anyuone notice how dirty Andrew Bynum plays against everyone besides Perk and Dwight Howard? I mean I saw him injure at least 4 gtuys this year and he only played about 40 games! He gave Gerald Wallace a collapsed lung, The guy is a fucking coward and A Perkins wannabe, if your gona be a big tough guy enforcer, do it against evryone, Perks plays just as hard against D-Howard as he does against everyone else. Be a man Bynum, don’t follow suit and be a pussy like Gasol and Odom. Be a fucking man if you want your team to even have a prayer against the Celtics, who will be sporting the most vicious frontline since the BAD BOY Pistons. Off with these motherfuckers heads. Purple and Gold is so Damn gay

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Not sure I understand this argment that Odom will slack-off now that he has another contract. For most athletes, and professionals in general, it is easier to do well than to slack. Most of these guys are addicted to the competition, which is why they are as good as they are. The peer pressure is also enormous. And it is true, the city of LA loves winners. And people like to be loved.
    Plus, Odom has been remarkably consistent year to year, if not always game to game. He is a 16-10 guy when he gets 38 minutes. His production actually went down last season. You make it seem like he had one great year in his contract season. It was actually his worst year.
    Odom is going to be super motivated. You think he wants his high school buddy to have a better year?
    And finally, not to be a sap, but he has said repeatedly that he plays to honor his deceased son. I believe him.
    Anyway, I am glad to be sticking up for Odom tonight, rather than Dr. Buss. Whewwww, that was a close one.

  • prefuse

    Instead of you celtics fans worrying about glen big fat baby, you make blogs about the lakers? owned? yesirr indeed…

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    Odumb is a jackass. We’ll crush him like a bug. He’s been a weak link ever since he was at URI. Smoke another bone and eat another Charleston Chew, baldy.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Odom, yes I hate the lakers but I think that Odom is the best player out of the 3 pussies the lakers call a front line. Bynum is garbage, Gasol is a powder puff, and Odom is just kind of dopey. But he is very talented and a tough cover for anyone, if he brings his game that is. I would have loved to see him leave the lakers because they would have lost a significant amount of lore without him.

  • Lakers2010

    You leprecauns need to stop smokin the delusional crackpipe. Lakers are still the favorites to win next year (barring injury). Even the unbiased odds makers in Vegas think so. You guys had you’re run. 1 year. We’ll see ya in 2023. You guys wont even make it past Cleveland and Magic. Cleveland and Lakers 2010 Finals. Lakers Champs. Kobe Bean Bryant, the guy you love to hate, Finals MVP. out

  • srm90

    Whoever gets home court advantage will be the favorite in a potential finals match up.
    I’d say that the Lakers are built to perform better in the regular season than the celtics because KG will be trying to make a comeback from a serious injury and he might only be feeling things out in the beginning, and the Big 3 have gotten a year older and another season of wear and tear on them.
    But who knows, the season doesn’t start for a while so maybe KG will be ready to go with no ill effects out the gate.
    Just my two cents.

  • Joe Laker Fan

    Wow. The great get greater. The Lakers were poised to repeat even without Lamar. To call this ‘icing on the cake’ is a gross understatement.

  • Sal

    Dwyane Wade is now officially on the phone with real-estate brokers in Chicago.

  • WestCoastCelt

    “the Big 3 have gotten a year older”
    So, Kobe, Gasol, Odom and Fisher aren’t going to age this year? And Artest is going to play at Ariza’s age from a year ago?
    The Lakers are a year older, too. Stupid argument.
    Btw, Kobe’s not even a full year younger than Pierce, yet has 3 years more mileage on his legs, playing in 233 more NBA games plus the Olympics.
    Ray Allen doesn’t go high flying and crashing around.
    “Old” is more than just age.

  • srm90

    I see you ignored the main point of my argument, being it might be a while before KG gets back into the full swing of things. And he has some major mileage on those knees.
    Ray Allen will still be able to shoot, that’s one thing you don’t lose, but it will affect him in the athletic aspects of the game. That could end up hurting on the defensive side of the ball. That’s where Daniels would be able to help the Celtics, he was a great pickup.
    Paul Pierce is the one who will probably be least affected by another season under his belt.
    Rasheed is up there in age but the role I’m expecting he is going to play won’t be as taxing as it will be for KG.
    Gasol is still young and Odom is injury prone but his role will be lessened if Bynum makes it the entire season, which is highly possible given that his injuries were both quite freakish and if something along those lines happens to him again the kid is just unlucky.
    No argument about Fisher there but I expect Shannon to get a much bigger role this season as long as he continues to play the way he did in the playoffs.
    I’m not too worried about Kobe mileage-wise. He’s shown that he can handle the workload and unless he has a major injury down the line he will be able to handle another season’s workload.
    It also depends on the schedules but I wouldn’t be surprised if the lakers come out with the best record in the league when all is said and done.
    That’s just my opinion. I’m not saying that the Celtics will not end up with the best record, but it seems more likely to me that the Lakers will, barring any speculation-destroying injuries or Artest conundrums.

  • Nora

    Somethin seriously wrong when opaying someone #0mil. is reasonable. LOL
    Laker fan, Celtics will still be able to beat Lakers if healthy

  • DR Douche