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Proof Marquis Daniels is coming to Boston

Daniels twitter

I'd say in this day and age… changing the Twitter background is proof enough for me that Marquis Daniels is going to be a Celtic.  I doubt he'd be tossing a million C's logos and making everything green if there was a problem.

Gotta love this new age.

(Thanks KWAPT)

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  • Nick

    Dave (Cleveland)
    Is everyone overrating Boston and the East going to come down to Cleveland and Orlando again?
    John Hollinger (3:56 PM)
    I was surprised listening to my colleagues on the podcast how much respect the C’s are getting — I think they’re a clear third in the East hierarchy given how scary good Orlando and Cleveland look.
    Anymore comments like this..and I swear to god, I am gona find this motherfucker and go American History X on his ass and kick his teeth into the god damn curb…I ain’t kidding either, I have $27,000 in cash and I would gladly fly out to where ever this little stat driven nerd lives and fuck his shit up. The 1 year of jail time and multiple years of probation would be well-worth it. Either that or I gotta go Casino on him and pop his friggen eye out with a vice. Either Way this fuck needs to feel the pain. His chats are the fucking gayest and so is David Thorpe’s. Adande even though he’s an L.A douche Mark Stein and Bucher are solid ESPN guys

  • What can you say? Hollinger is clueless. At least in this case.
    Some people actually think Vince Carter is an upgrade over Hedu Turkoglu and Courtney Lee.
    And those same people forgot KG was hurt for the final 8 weeks of the season.

  • And that my friends is how you comment, seriously that was some grade A shit
    everyone else should be take notes

  • evan

    From Marquis Daniels’ Twitter:
    What number should I wear next year in BOSTON?
    about 3 hours ago from TwitterFon