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Jersey ads: much ado about nothing

Josh-childress-olympiakos We really get too attached to things sometimes. 

Today, the big buzz around the NBA is mostly about the jerseys guys will be wearing, instead of the guys wearing the jerseys.  That's because the NBA is allowing ads on practice jerseys

"We are operating a diverse business all around the world," [Deputy commissioner Adam] Silver
says. "(The sponsored game jersey) is a well-established practice in
other countries. Ultimately, I think our fans will come to accept it."

I've said it before on this site and I'll say it again:  I don't care if sports teams throw ads on their jerseys.  Look at Josh Childress in his Olympiakos uniform.  The Olympiakos logo, in case you're wondering, is that little circle above the Nike swoosh.  Trust me… it does nothing to dilute the passion of its fans.  And while I'm as much a fan of the classic Celtics jersey as anyone… but ultimately I won't care if someday they throw ads on there, too. 

I suggest everyone here starts to get used to it now… because it's coming.  First the WNBA… now practice jerseys… and next will be the full uniform.  You see the quote from Silver.  It's happening someday.  And I'll bet someday soon.

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  • Agreed – it’s not a big deal. I’ve never watched a basketball game and fixated on the logo on the jerseys. I watch THE game.

  • how cool would it be if the fans got to vote on the companies that were placed on their teams jersey?

  • I was about to write: companies will change uniform patterns every year to boost merchandising; then I realized that I can remember only a few teams which always had the same jersey over time (Celtics, Fakers, Bulls, Knicks, Spurs).
    It doesn’t really matter, what’s important is the game in the end, still it will be sad to see the old jersey go, one day or another.

  • True that it is inevitable. True that I will watch the game no differently.
    However I am not likely to buy a jersey with a Citibank logo on it.

  • I’m not cool with it at all, but I will still watch. However, I won’t buy a Celtics jersey with a huge TD logo on it. Ahhh…corporate America..gotta love it..NOT.

  • thetitleisours

    I would OK for advertising Guinness

  • thetitleisours

    Irish Spring?

  • who da guy

    that is a terrible idea. I will still always love the celtics, but they must never change their jersey, not for any price. How cool would it be, if the rest of the league caved in, and let companies buy advertising on their jerseys, except for the celtics, who have the best jersey in all of sports. It is clean, pure, and representing everything that is great about being a celtic. The chief smoked joints in that jersey, Mchale closelined people in that jersey, bird took people to school in that jersey, Pierce, ray ray, and kg became the new big 3 in that jersey, and bill russell showed everybody in the world what it was like to be a champion in that jersey. Nuff said

  • FSantos33

    LOL – that wouldn’t be good. I can see opposing fans with a sign “Don’t drop your soap”
    Green Giant Vegetables? LOL – That wouldn’t be good either…

  • thetitleisours

    Yeah, don’t hire any Irish guys names Ben Dover lol

  • lakersforlife


  • Bill

    John you are wrong! Why do advertisers want to put their names on NBA jerseys? Because that is the thing everyone sees and associates with the team. When I think of Manchester United, I think of AIG. That shit diminishes the team logo, and it will happen to the Celtics logo too. Your apathetic attitude is exactly what advertisers and the NBA want. They take gradual steps so people won’t be up in arms. Things are good as they are. The arena and the telecast are just one giant advertisement as it is. How much money is enough for the NBA and its “corporate partners?”

  • Jeff

    Odom agreed to sign with the Lakers. Our hopes to win a championship have just gone out the window.

  • who da guy

    we win this year, its as simple as that

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    Odumb sucks. So does Bynum. So do ads on unis.

  • im not sure how that would work, think about if it happened all of sports, would a company really want pacman or dante stallworth to be sporting their logos up and down the field? im not too sure they would

  • str8factz

    This isn’t 4 papa irish, but u celtic fans shud realize that ur so called big three is fucking washed up. The big three in the east is defending champs orlando magic ( lewis, carter, howard, nelson) oops big 4! LA is the best team in the league by far and u know it. The champs got better after winning 66 games in the west. 67 games in the east is 57 in the west and we all know that.