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Is Everyone Overrating Lamar Odom?


We've heard/read/blogged about it all off-season. The Lakers need Lamar Odom to win another title.

Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears is the latest to support this theory:

“If he goes somewhere else, they’re vulnerable,” a Western Conference
general manager said Wednesday. “With him, they’re the favorites.”

Said one West advance scout: “I definitely would think it’s unanimous
in the league that if Lamar goes somewhere else, well at the very least
in the West, that it gives you a glimmer of hope that even if Kobe
plays great you’re right there with them.”

Spears touts Odom's all-around game, versatility and cites the fact he had the second highest plus/minus in the league last year. Spears also says Odom is key to the Lakers chemistry, especially with Ron Artest around.

Odom and chemistry in the same sentence? Whoa. I think it's time for a reality check. Let's not forget Odom was playing for a contract last season. He had to be on his best behavior. He had to give his all every game. He had to accept reduce minutes and come off the bench. If Odom signs a big fat contract whose to say he won't revert back to the multi-talented but underachieving Lamar Odom we've come to know and love?

The media might be busy stroking Odom, but Lakers ownership isn't fooled. Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak aren't biting. They've watched Odom mail-it-in on one too many nights. So far, they're refusing to overpay and I applaud them for that.

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  • Atlas_Shruggs

    As a Lakers fan, I am not fooled by this post. I think you are setting up your post for when the Lakers re-sign Odom.
    Of course Odom is overrated as a free agent. Every free agent is overrated. See Rasheed Wallace. See Matt Barnes. See girl next door. We like new things and overrate them.
    Odom proved not to be a good 2nd option. But as a 4th or 5th option, or 6th man, he is outstanding. And outstanding 4th options should get $9M per year. That’s about right in this league among contenders.
    My cards are on the table. If the Lakers dont re-sign Ododm, I will be devastated. I would say chances of repeat go from 55% to 25%. Not good.

  • I’m not trying to fool anyone. As a Celtics fan, I don’t want the Lakers to resign Odom because he makes them a better team.
    I’m simply pointing out the hype surrounding Odom is ridiculous – more so than any other free agent.
    Spears column put me over the edge.

  • Yeah, Chuck’s not smart enough to think that far ahead.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Fair enough, but hire wire acts involving Championship teams tend to get people’s attention. This is a Lakers story more than an Ododm story. In fairness, same thing happened last season with James Posey. Man, you think Posey was overrated as a free agent? And this year with Big Baby. Baby is overrated because he is a Celtic. Marvin Williams re-signed with Atlanta and you would not know it because the Hawks are as interesting as algebra.
    You also point out that the media is stroking him. But then you provide two quotes from rival NBA executives. It’s not just the media.

  • I question the sincerity of those executive comments. Maybe they plant those seeds to put pressure on LA to overpay for Odom.

  • I was thinking this at first that they need him to win, but they dont, and yes Lamar Odom is overrated because he was on a team that won a title, any team with Kobe/Gasol/Artest can still win without him

  • justadude

    its not that the media and NBA execs. are overrating him. its just a very slow and boring offseason now and they need something to talk about so they all turn their attention to LO. thats it, thats all.

  • I think Lamar Odom is more valuable to the Lakers than he is to any other team. Odom’s unique skill set for such a tall man allowed the Lakers great versatility last year. They could go huge with Gasol, Bynum and Odom or they could go small and outrun teams.
    With Bynum starting and who knows backing him up, the Lakers would be a much different team and far easier to match up with. The Lakers, more than any other team, need Lamar Odom. It was their versatility and ability to match up with any team – while creating mismatches for themselves – that set them apart last year. Without Odom, they are far more conventional and will take a big step down.

  • Walker

    So I’m watching the 2008 championship dvd last night (really need the season to begin) and noticed 2 things about the Lakers.
    1 – After the Lakers game 5 win, Kobe tells the team that if they win game 6 he “guarantees” they will win game 7. No one seemed to care or rally behind him.
    2 – the pre-warm up team huddle / chant / whatever you call it is stolen from Jordan’s Bulls. “What time is it? GAME TIME HOO”
    I’m not a massive Kobe/Lakers hater but come on…please get more original.

  • Paddy

    Lol everyone does that huddle.

  • I think the Posey example is a good one. He was more valuable to us than he was to any other team. Losing him last year clearly hurt us more than it helped New Orleans. I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar happened to LO.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I don’t think Lamar is overrated at all. He is easily the lakers best rebounder, and he creates so many mismatches for the opposing team because he can shoot and he is an excellent passer. If the lakers lose him they are gonna be really hurting. Bynum has not proved he can play consistent defense and keep from getting injured and Pau Gasol is just a flat out pussy. If bynum goes down for any time this year (Which he will, hes like Yao Ming) the lakers are completely screwed.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Double, I will be you a lobster roll that Perkins misses more games than Bynum next season.
    Having 225 pound men slam into your knee is not the same as having structural cracks in your feet. Or shoulders prone to pop out, for that matter.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    An injury is an injury my friend… and Bynum has missed a significant amount of games in each of the past two seasons. Your missing the point, if you do not sign Odom, and Bynum does go down again, which IMO he will, the lakers are screwed. Mbenga and Gasol starting? haha good luck

  • heard via fox radio hes signed with the lakers, this has happened before, so we shall see

  • srm90
  • Nick

    Ya Odom really crfeated a lot of mismatches with his precious unique talents in the 2008 NBA fINALS.. He is so unique and talented and special..He is an enigma, he is so unique, did I mention he is a unique player? Bottom line is the guy is a fuckin pussy and Perk and K.G treated him like one in the NBA Finals. He will get bitched out again next year just like that fucking bum Gasol! As far as SKILLS go the Lakers are a very skilled team. But im telling you because I haven’t missed a game since fucking Dominque Wilkins was in green when I was 4, The Lakers are pussies!! Y cant people see this. It really reminds me of how The steelers are the clear cut # 2 team in the NFL behind New England. When ever the Pats ain’t been in their way the Steelers can win the title..But beating New England just isn’t somehting they are capable of in a playoff setting. This is the exact same case as the Lakers and Celtics. It simply won’t happen if both teams are at full strength. No fucking way. And I have a question, does anyuone notice how dirty Andrew Bynum plays against everyone besides Perk and Dwight Howard? I mean I saw him injure at least 4 gtuys this year and he only played about 40 games! He gave Gerald Wallace a collapsed lung, The guy is a fucking coward and A Perkins wannabe, if your gona be a big tough guy enforcer, do it against evryone, Perks plays just as hard against D-Howard as he does against everyone else. Be a man Bynum, don’t follow suit and be a pussy like Gasol and Odom. Be a fucking man if you want your team to even have a prayer against the Celtics, who will be sporting the most vicious frontline since the BAD BOY Pistons. Off with these motherfuckers heads. Purple and Gold is so fucking gay.

  • Sad_Suckdic_fan

    Uh oh, the Lakers keep LO.
    Aww crap. Face it fellow Suckdic fans. With LO back, the Lakers only lost Ariza to replace him with Artest. F*CK!! We are soooo screwed.
    I guess the Lakers will be raising number 16 next season. RAISE THE BANNER!!!

  • rod

    LO decides to stay with the lakers. suck on this big nice fat one celtic fans.

  • Jason

    Okay Nick so you haven’t missed a game since Dominique…Did you happen to catch the two games last year where the Lakers whooped on your Boston Geriatrics? LMAO. That was the first time your Green senior citizens faced a healthy young versatile Lakers team. Man you probably beat your wife that day chowder boy! You’ll see it happen again this year as long as your retirement home of a team can stay healthy enough to get past the 2nd round. Good luck trying to convince yourself your team can even compete with this monstrous Laker team. Artest will probably put Paul in a wheelchair for real this time. HAHAHAHAHA! It’s so hilarious how these Celtic fans keep trying to convince themselves they’re good enough now that the Lakers locked Odom back in.