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Rajon Rondo: role model

WEEI writer, and friend of Red's Army, Jess Camerato spent some time out in Vegas this summer watching the summer league and talking to a lot of the players.  One thing she heard a lot of, was Rajon Rondo praise from the rookie guards.

"He just goes out there and plays hard every game," Sacramento guard
Tyreke Evans told WEEI.com. "He goes out there, plays with his
teammates, plays defense, gets to the basket. He does everything that
his team needs him to do."

“I'm a big Rajon Rondo fan,”  Milwaukee guard [and fellow Oak Hill academy graduate Brandon Jennings] said. “I think what he
did in the playoffs was awesome. I try to take something from him. He
might not be one of the best shooters in the league, but he gets the
job done. He does everything else that a team needs and he's a true
point guard."

I obviously share their opinion.  I think Rondo has progressed from a guy struggling off the bench to burgeoning NBA superstar amazingly quickly.  It's nice to see other young players looking up to him.  That's just a taste of it.  The whole piece is worth checking out.

Now comes the issue of who will back Rondo up… because it doesn't look like Gabe Pruitt's gonna be the guy.

An NBA source confirmed yesterday the Celtics are attempting to trade
Pruitt, whose option deadline is Friday. The Celtics are leaning toward
not picking up Pruitt’s option, which would leave the guard free to
sign with another team.

Obviously, he'd be part of the Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade… if that ever happens.  I'll be interested to see if he gets it together somewhere else.  I think he could be on the verge of a productive career… but maybe I'm just looking at it through my green glasses.

Celtics 17 used Chuck's name in a headline again… but this time they threw mine in there too… since they interviewed us about Red's Army and the Celtics.  The photo used in the post is actually a mouse pad currently available in the Red's Army store.

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  • they know what it is…rondo has atcually done something in the NBA to garner praise, unlike other younger guards who get twice as much and have done nothing.
    Bye Pruitt, you wont be missed, i havent been on your wagon at all, you havent proved you can play and you cant play for us right now

  • Danno

    Hey Ruins, Do you really think you’re being “edgy” or something by tossing around idiotic schoolyard comments like this on someone else’s blog?
    I get that you’re a Super Rondo Fan, and that you’re trying to be controversial and opinionated, but seriously – ease up on the gas a little there, leadfoot.
    The Lakers trolls are bad enough with all the insipid shit talking. Don’t make us all look like a bunch of dummies.

  • Scott

    I’m trying to figure out what was so controversial/opinionated about what Ruins said?

  • AMP

    Yeah, I agree. I actually think his comment was uninteresting.`

  • Hrvoje

    ToTheRuins is a spoiled child

  • ditto on being confused

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Most of his comments are.

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Danno

    The whole “Bye Pruitt YOU WON’T BE MISSED” part mostly, as if Gabe did something terrible to piss him off.
    I dunno. Ruins just rubs me the wrong way. He sounds like a spoiled 4chan 12 year old snot most of the time.

  • thetitleisours

    Well if this is true about Pruitt, I suspect that is good news for Hudson. Maybe backup PG by committee with House, Daniels, and Hudson
    If Hudson can show anything as a rookie, we will have two PG’s that can also rebound. Not bad at all