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Just sittin’ around, waiting for somethin’ to happen

This video is infinitely more interesting than anything going on right now in Celtics-land.  So enjoy.  I'm just sitting here hoping Jeff Clark is clairvoyant

No… there's not much going on in the way of news.  Leon Powe apparently talked to the Cavs (via Lex).  Ball Don't Lie has more on Perk's wedding.  Jess Camerato is still watching Stephon Marbury.  And in a clear display of how hated the Celtics are… this guy writes about how everyone on the team, including Ray Allen, is a douchebag.

Seriously… Jesus, Ghandi, Captain Charles Sullenberger, and two puppies could suit up for the Celtics and some idiot would write a piece saying "I don't know… I didn't realize puppies could be so douchey.  And that Jesus guy is kinda full of himself."

Such is life in Boston.  Drink up the Haterade.  But put some ice in it first.  It's friggin' boiling out there.

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  • Scott

    I’ve been a longtime reader of Redsarmy but never commented on anything until now. This blog on Ray and the rest of the team really pissed me off. Just thought I would share what I said to the idiot who wrote that piece of garbage…
    And your evidence for Ray Allen’s douchebagery (not a word but should be) is what? You say over and over he, and the rest of the celtics, are tools but offer no circumstances to support what your saying. Its sad that everyone seems to love these guys until they come to Boston and win, and then it seems they miraculously become evil overnight. Ray was,is, and will continue to be one of the classiest guys in the league. Stop hating.

  • totally agree. I put it up because I think it illustrates how easy it is to get hated when you’re in Boston. It serves as some perspective.
    Thanks for reading and commenting, Scott.

  • Ha ha ha. That Ray Allen article is horrible. No evidence whatsoever. He’s gotten dirtier? Everyone plays dirty to an extent. It’s because he’s in the Celtics now that it’s gotten noticed. Same thing for KG. He’s been pretty much doing the same thing for more than a decade now but since he’s in Boston now, it’s just getting noticed.

  • I don’t want to give the guy the traffic. Let me guess, he says that the Celtics let Leon go because he was too nice.

  • It’s the only thing he didn’t say.