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We read Charley Rosen so you don’t have to

Rosen Charley Rosen… subject of perhaps the only possibly-nude publicity photo of all time… is back at it with ridiculous comments that get picked up in blogs.  I can't help it.  I'm like a smart large-mouthed bass.  I know that there's someone on the other end of that line dangling the bait… but goddammit… I can't help but go for it anyway.

So Charley put together a piece on the most overrated players in the league… he makes some decent points… and then he drops these two names:

Kevin Garnett

His performance in the 2008 NBA Finals against the Lakers was a good indication of where he's really at.

  • In Boston's six-point loss in Game 3, Garnett shot 6-for-21.
  • In Boston's five-point loss in Game 5, Garnett scored only 13 points and missed several shots in the fourth quarter.
  • In Boston's championship-clinching, 39-point win in Game 6, Garnett registered his series high of 26 points.

    other words, it is well-known among the league's coaches that Garnett
    is a frontrunner who will inevitably choke when a critical game is up
    for grabs.

  • Chris Paul

    There's no doubt that CP3 has always been a
    truly great passer and has also worked diligently to become a dangerous
    3-point shooter. But there are several reasons why he belongs in this
    dubious category.

  • In half-court offenses, he's a
    threat to do damage only in screen-and-roll situations, which means
    that doubling him virtually renders him impotent.

  • Because of his diminutive size — listed at 6-feet but closer to 5-foot-10 — he can be easily doubled.

  • His defense consists of steals. Period. Which in turn depends mostly on opponents' mistakes.

  • Many opponents simply take the ball to their favorite spot and then shoot over him.

  • Even when using a screen-and-roll, he's not nearly as effective going left as he is going right.

    was the last time that a pipsqueak-sized point guard led his team to an
    NBA championship? Slater Martin with the St. Louis Hawks in 1958 —
    which means that while Paul's Hornets will be a good team, they'll
    never be good enough.

  • Wow.  Just wow.

  • Add to that the fact that he calls Kwame Brown underrated and there's enough material in two days to bring him up on war crimes charges.  What makes him underrated?  That most people say he's useless and he's slightly a step above that? 
  • Do you even watch anymore?

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    • He also lists Nowitzki as overrated… his MVP was frankly too much, but I hope no GM will ever pick the “underrated” Brown over him..
      I wondered how could such an incompetent still be around writing bullshits, I can guess his articles bring lots of hits to the site (yes, I went there too to witness those bullshits on first hand).

    • Dumb-ass. That is all.

    • FSantos33

      Looks like MSN.FoxSports doesn’t have a dental plan for their employees. Do us all a favor please show a different headline before you go to bed okay. This nudist is a waste of space.

    • JDpinas

      k when u say kwame brown is underrated your done its either your high or your mind just blew up

    • Lex

      War crime charges. Pretty good. On the other hand, until the loss to the Lakers and the subsequent 2-7 run, I was thinking that the celtics as a team were the greatest front running team I could remember in my lifetime. They never relinquished leads, and always put the hammer down.
      Now what he’s saying is that KG isn’t clutch. Less true now than in the past. But it’s definitely something to think about.

    • I honestly cant say I disagree
      Chris paul got all-team first defense and is a horrid defender, people constantly put him on a pedestal like hes magic johnson. well he isnt.
      KG did have a terrible finals(yet hes the face of that championship), he isnt exactly clutch, and he was a loser in minny, missing the playoffs several years before being traded…he comes to boston and some celtics fans actually call this the KG era, theyre convinced him, and him only is what changed the cetics around, which gets on my nerves.

    • Oh and you can make any player in the league overrated
      Kobe has lost in 2 finals
      Lebron hasnt won a thing
      Iverson isnt on this list?
      Everyone misses shots, turns it over and loses games….this talk is just pointless…and while KG didnt play particulary well in the finals, the supposed greatest player in the game didnt either…right? that and how can you rip him for stats he got in the finals, a finals his team won….lol

    • louis

      dwight howard has no post game
      he missed clutch shots and lost in 5 in the finals
      Vince Carter has never even made a finals
      Paul pierce was outplayed by Hedo Turkoglu in Boston in a game 7
      Michael Jordan shot 6-30 once, probably more then once..he got swept, he got battered amd bruised year after before winning it
      Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have lost game 7s where they shot poorly…
      Ok, so you get the point…because KG shoots 6-21 and had 13 pts in a game….um go back in the history of great players, this fucking happens to everybody, great players have bad games, is that really that hard to fgure out..go to his wiki and fucking read what hes accomplished in the league, hes a hall of famer

    • Kareem

      hahaha love how wally is on the list.. this guy is a dumbass