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Vegas still likes the Lakers

Saying Vegas doesn't know something about gambling is like saying Stephen Hawking doesn't know something about physics.  Not very likely, even when you think something is obviously wrong.

But I can't help but argue with the men behind some of Vegas' biggest sports books… who currently have the Lakers installed as the favorites next year… and will keep them there no matter what happens with Lamar Odom.

"Getting [forward Ron] Artest is better than losing Lamar," said Jay
Rood, director of the MGM/Mirage Race and Sports Book. The Lakers
signed free agent Artest this month. "The core of that team still is
what it is, and as long as you keep Kobe [Bryant] and [Coach] Phil
[Jackson], nothing changes."

Don't these guys understand his pattern of crazy behavior?

"We didn't change anything when they got Artest, and if they lose Odom
it'll just be a wash," said Jay Kornegay, executive director of the Las
Vegas Hilton's Race and Sports book, which has the Lakers as the 2-1
favorite over the 3-1 Cavaliers and 5-1 Celtics

I guess not.  The good news here is… now is a good time to throw a little cash on the C's.  5-1?  I'll drop a c-note on that.  The MGM/Mirage has the C's at 3-1 to win it all.  Regardless of what Vegas says, it's still only July.  We're 2 months away from training camp.

And we do need to remember one thing about these odds and odds makers:  They're good at laying lines that provoke action on both sides… they don't predict the future.  I still think losing Odom hurts the Lakers more than Vegas says.  By the way, Odom is going to meet with Pat Riley, so the Miami thing is gaining steam.

Other minor NBA notes:  Tim Thomas is close to signing with Dallas and Minnesota picked up ANOTHER point guard… getting Chucky Atkins from OKC for Etan Thomas.

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  • Very interesting that they pick the Lakers over the two tops teams in the East that have bulked up. The Lakers lost Ariza also, who was a fresh pair of run and gun legs and shot well. Kobe and Pau are still a nice duo (vomits). San Antonio, Dallas, and Portland are making moves to compete with L.A.
    I think adding Shaq helps Cleveland tremendously. Not to mention Jamario Moon gives their bench some much needed help.
    Adding Sheed is going to help the C’s bench big time. Same once the Daniels deal goes through.
    Its all going to come down to which teams are healthy come next April.

  • G4L

    Time to throw money down!