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Shaq More Focused Than Ever on A Title


I recently took a shot at Shaq upon learning he was spending his offseason taping a reality show.

Now he's upping the ante by rasslin' with the goons on Monday Night Raw.

I'm told his feet never left the ground (yes, John watches wrestling) so the injury risk was minimal, but I stand by my criticism. Guys focused on winning a title don't spend their off-season involved in this junk. There will be plenty of time for this when he retires.

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  • Yeah man, call me a hater, but wtf man? Wrestling..? Doesn’t he care if he gets hurt? Don’t the Cavs care if he gets hurt…? To him, it’s not a big deal. He has his rings, his MVP’s, $, pussy, blah blah blah. But I hope he realizes that the city of Cleveland really is counting on him to bring them a ‘ship. I mean, he promised Miami one and delivered so who knows. But wrestling, c’mon dude..

  • I watched it last night… and he didn’t do anything that could have gotten him hurt. That photo was the extent of it.
    For all we know… he spent all morning working out before doing something later that night.

  • WestCoastCelt

    He ran at and threw a shoulder into a 400 lb man. Fake, flop, whatever, that’s a near 800 lb collision. Doesn’t seem too wise.