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Ray & Rondo: Top guard duo?

Rondo allen
It's a discussion that began on SirCharlesInCharge.com… and has since been picked up by ComcastSportsNet.  Here's how Sir Charles sees it:

Here’s how I think the top 10 backcourts in the NBA shakes out:

1. Rondo/Allen
2. Nelson/Carter
3. Parker/Ginobili
4. Fisher/Bryant
5. Billups/Smith
6. Nash/Richardson
7. Williams/Brewer
8. Miller/Roy
9. Bibby/Johnson
T10. Kidd/Terry
T10. Chalmers/Wade

To be honest, I think Parker/Ginobili needs to be higher… and it might even challenge for the top spot.  I'd argue that they are #1 if it wasn't for Ginobili's injuries.  The Williams/Brewer combo is highly underrated.  But I find it hard to disagree with the assertion that Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen make up the top backcourt combination.  Who would you rather have?  Chalmers/Wade might eventually be an amazing duo, but it's too early to tell yet on Chalmers.

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  • Atlas_Shruggs

    If Fisher and Bryant were on the Celtics instead of Rondo and Ray, they would have to cancel the season it would be such a Celtics domination.
    Nobody on the list would survive a trade offer for Fisher and Bryant. To me, that means they are the best.
    PS- Fisher and Bryant are 2nd best. The best is Shannon and Kobe.

  • what? the lakers dont have a good point guard, this is best combination, and the lakers have 1 great guard, thats it…
    Has anyone had to do less then jameer nelson for the respect this bum has garnered? he had 1/2 a good season, got injured, and his team made the finals with rafer alston and anthony johnson, jameer comes back, and to me, was the reason they lost in 5

  • Oh and on top of that, nelson and carter havent played 1 game together..
    Harris/Carter??? that guard duo was actually much better

  • Fisher has made his career off of Kobe Bryant. He’s a spot up shooter (albeit clutch one) who really doesn’t have true point guards skills.
    I did he fare in GS and Utah?

  • Danno

    Ok, I’m gonna call bullshit on a bunch of these.
    First of all: Nelson and Carter haven’t played a minute of NBA Basketball together yet. I have a feeling the Vinsanity experiment in Orland is going to be a full on failure.
    I agree, Parker/Ginobili should be higher, at #2.
    The fact that Rose/Hinrich isn’t on this list is absolute bullshit.
    There’s no way that D Wade and Mario C. are 10th, but 800 year old Steve Nash and Q Rich are 5th. What are these guys smoking?
    J kidd and J terry belong at 10th. If it were still 1999.
    What a ridiculous list.

  • Atlast_Shruggs

    Fisher went to the Western Conference Finals with Utah.
    As far as true point guard skills, 3rd in the NBA last season in assist to turnover ratio. 120 bombs from distance. And he facilitates the league’s highest scoring offense. That seems Ok to me.
    Most importantly, he is a big reason, if not the reason, Kobe walked away from the scary cliff in the 2007 off-season.

  • Any guess what Fisher’s assist-per-game average is for his career?
    He’s never averaged more than 4 apg for a season.
    Sorry, but I expect my point guard to pass the ball.

  • JD

    So the Celtics arguably have the best backcourt duo and the best foward duo (Kg/Pierce). And Perkins is turning a top 10 center in this league. Thats pretty sweet. Hopefully the bench shakes out.

  • Boston22nd Street

    You celtic fans need to stay sharp on here. No wonder Laker fans come in here laughin up a storm. Never above 4 apg? 97-98, 04-05, & 05-06. What happened those years? Step your game up

  • My bad..I should have said he never averaged more than 4.4 apg.

    You're an idiot.

  • Boston22nd Street

    You were wrong & I’m the idiot. Done, Period ahaha don’t be mad baby gurl 😉

  • OaklandLakers

    First Davie ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzR60xPDLQs ) now strawwwbuury ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2QEcadC_Rk ) Whats happenin guys?