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Are the Pacers, Nets & Celtics Ready for a Three Way?

Via the NY Post:

If the Nets want to pursue Celtics restricted free agent power forward
Glen "Big Baby" Davis, they may have to do so in a sign-and-trade
scenario that involves a third team and helps the Nets alleviate their
logjam of 15 guaranteed contracts…

The Celtics' proposed sign-and-trade to land free agent Marquis Daniels
from the Pacers has run into complications and could lead to the need
of a three-team deal. Enter the Nets, with their legitimate interest in
Davis, who averaged 15.8 points and 6.0 rebounds during the playoffs
last season. The Celtics have indicated they will match any reasonable
offer for Davis.

"We have not made any offers to anybody," Nets team president Rod Thorn said.

The Nets have made their inquiries and repeatedly have said they
need to create a roster space before making a move. A report that
surfaced yesterday about a sign-and-trade involving Davis and Nets
forward Yi Jianlian was shot down by both sides about 30 seconds after
it sought traction.

Maybe an inventive deal could be devised involving three teams. The
Nets have a couple of trade exceptions from the Vince Carter deal that
could come into play. The Celtics likely want a big man in return, the
Pacers want a wing.

I want Big Baby Davis and Marquis Daniels. If I am Danny Ainge, I'm only entertaining moving BBD if puts the Daniels signing at risk, which I doubt because the guy has already committed to the Celtics.

For fun, let's play along with the trade rumor. So who is NJ shipping out to make this happen? Here's their roster with salaries.

Who is excited about Najera or Jianlian? Not me. The only big I want on their roster is Brook Lopez and NJ isn't moving him.

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  • thetitleisours

    My guess is the deal with Bird will go through. But he will only take TA if he can also have Walker

  • Joe Somebody

    I say the deal should go something like this:
    Celtics get: Josh Boone(NJN) Marquise Daniels (IND)
    Nets get: Glenn Davis (BOS) Tony Allen (Bos)
    Pacers get: Jarvis Hayes (NJN) Eduardo Najera (NJN)
    This deal satisfies everybody. Celtics get a big and Daniels while loosing only equal salaries and lesser talent, The Pacers get their wing player they want and a good white(ish) guy in Najera. And the Nets get Big Baby and are able to free up a roster spot. Not bad, and i think the numbers could work with maybe a trade exemption going into affect as the Nets would be giving up 7mil with their three guys, the C’s would be giving up TA’S 2.5 mil plus whatever Baby gets signed for(say 4mil) and then the pacers would be giving up Daniels for the (say 5mil) that the C’s would sign him for.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Josh Boone? Haha. Oh jeez. No thank you.