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Rodney Stuckey slams Rasheed Wallace


Ok, not really… but its hot, I'm hungover, and Chuck is making me dizzy because he's turned that Celtics 17 headline into a speedo and he's dancing around the office pouring champagne over his head.

But Stuckey did take a subtle dig at his former teammate.

"I'm just happy
that we're a younger team now and we can get out and run a lot more,"
Stuckey said […] "Acquiring Ben
Gordon, Charlie Villanueva and those guys will help me out."

What he didn't acknowledge was the fact that the moves did nothing to remove the Piston's from the middle of the pack in the East.  But if he's happy to wallow in mediocrity… then yeah… things are going great for him.

Hmmm… I wonder if Rasheed is going to derive any motivation from this. 

(Via Slam)

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  • However, from where the Pistons left off last season they were essentially not in the top 7 or 8 teams in the East. With the moves Dumars has made the Pistons have firmly placed themselves back into at least a competitive group.

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks for that graphic image 😉

  • “Hmmm… I wonder if Rasheed is going to derive any motivation from this.”
    I GuaranSHEED it won’t unless some Chili Fries are attached.
    …still waiting for Roscoe in the Paint.

  • Um, Rodney Stuckney sucks and they were better without him starting(clearly) now that they turned the keys over to him, theyre awful….because of him

  • That’s a dig? Careful you don’t pull a hammy stretching for that one

  • Boney

    Why are you so angry “ToTheRuins”??? Can’t a team re-build?
    Jesus… it took the Celtics 19 years to become relevant again and you’re taking advantage of this closing window of opportunity to dump on any team not deemed “worthy” by you.
    Stuckey’s remarks aren’t a shot at Rasheed even though I find it quite funny that last year all Celtics’ fans would make fun of Sheed and call him a crybaby but now all of the sudden he’s a “champion” and a “good piece on a championship team”. Stuckey is going into his 2nd year as a starter and the team is considerably younger (average age 25, instead of 31 like last season).
    Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the current Celtics run as it will end in about 2 years or so. Watch how a real GM builds a team in the meantime

  • huh?
    Okay…im not angry actually, im just saying rodney stuckey sucks and has done nothing to garner respect in the league or for a player like chauncey to be traded and ruin a hall of famer allen iversons career. good day..this has nothing to do with sheed, and yes this comment he made isnt even a shot at sheed so peace , good riddance

  • I can smell sensationalist “reporting” in the air tonight.