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Remembering Reggie Lewis

Boston lost Reggie Lewis 16 years ago today.  I still see the video him crumpling to the floor against Charlotte running through my mind.  The pain of Len Bias was still fresh.  And every time I see a story of the NBA giving a team cap relief for an injury, I think about the Celtics not getting cap relief for the death of Reggie Lewis.

Those thoughts are the ones that run through my head when I think of Reggie Lewis.  I think of what might have been… how his death was the first domino that spiraled the C's into their worst stretch in franchise history. 

For a fantastic look back on Reggie's life, head over to Loy's Place.

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  • Ill never forget as a child watching my hero fall! I am now 30 years old and my sports career is basically over! Ive been a part of numerous teams but the one thing that never changed was the # on my back 35!! Thanks for all the childhood memories RIP R.L. 35