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Best Headline Ever

Chuck - Red's Army July 27, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Best Headline Ever


Celtics17 is my favorite site. Forever.

On a serious note, it's about goddamn time someone else recognized my intellectual superiority.

Memo to John, this might be a difficult time for you. Don't worry, no matter how big a star I become, I will never leave you behind.

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  • Oh my God… someone knock down a few walls at Red’s Army HQ. Gotta make room for Chuck’s ego.

  • Alex

    Why are people bashing Marbury for?
    Yahoo News definitely pulled out one hell of an article about Marbury:
    Wow. Just wow.

  • Like I said in the previous thread about this:
    I think this guy (Yahoo writer) is reading way too into this. Dude was probably bored and did this for a goof. He still is a brand, and runs a business, so he’s doing a great job of advertising himself for free. Gone off the deep end is quite an overreaction.
    Oh, and does anyone else find the irony in a blogger talking about someone being too obsessed with the digital age?

  • ALL HAIL CHUCK! Ha ha ha. No problem about the headline buddy — that’s where I got the idea for the piece afterall!

  • anyone here that powe is considering an offer from the cavs??? i dont like it, i dont like it one bit

  • Why would Cleveland or any team make him an offer? There’s too much uncertainty surrounding his knee. If they do make an offer, it’s can’t be guaranteed.

  • Sal

    On behalf of the commentariat here at Red’s Army, we’d like to thank John for not selling out.

  • OaklandLakers

    😉 this is even better than the T.O show. Trainwreck… And that ain’t the weed Im smokin

  • OaklandLakers :01 – 5:26 is my favorite part. Check it

  • Garrett

    LOL!¡!¡¡! @
    “On a serious note, it’s about goddamn time someone else recognized my intellectual superiority.”