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The Dominoes Will Fall – Eventually

The Globe's Frank Dell'Apa recaps the Celtics summer and lays out what could happen this week:

Several pieces are falling into place in Indiana, which could clarify
how Daniels becomes a Celtic, one of them being if Jamaal Tinsley
clears waivers Wednesday…

Once Daniels’s status has been established, the Celtics can deal with
Stephon Marbury, a free agent, and Gabe Pruitt. The Celtics must decide
whether to exercise an option on Pruitt by Friday…

Any dealings with Rondo will probably remain on the back burner until
other roster issues are sorted out and Celtics president of basketball
operations Danny Ainge returns from vacation next week.

If Ainge is on vacation, I don't expect much of anything to happen especially a press conference introducing Marquis Daniels. According to our poll, a majority of you would prefer the Celtics bring back Stephon Marbury as the back-up point guard.

Speaking of Steph, here are some more of his quotes from the 24-hour stream:

Going bald at 19 is not sexy. Its not the jump-off.

Kevin Garnett best player on the Celtics.

Where would I want my jersey retired? Boston.

On Lakers winning the championship: Um, they won. Only one team can win the championship.

Around the league, Drew Gooden will sign a 1-yr, $4.5 million deal with the Mavericks. Dwyane Wade is begging Lamar Odom to return to Miami. Kurt Rambis will interview again for the T-Wolves head coaching job.

And congrats to Perk who got married (unless he pulled a Richard Jefferson) yesterday to his girlfriend Vanity Alpough in Houston.

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  • paul rowe

    What’s this talk of dealing with Rondo?

  • bigmck

    By ‘dealings’ he means any type of contract talk.