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Rumor: Bowen to Boston

Chuck - Red's Army July 26, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Rumor: Bowen to Boston


Via CelticsBlog:

A source (preferring to remain unnamed) has indicated a serious flirtation between Bruce Bowen and the Boston Celtics. This may have something to do with the Marquis Daniels delay but it wouldn't be an either/or thing. Boston would like to get both of them.

The Bucks are trying to trade Bowen before his $4 million contract becomes fully
guaranteed (only $2 million is locked in). Ultimately it may be in
Boston's best interest to lure Bowen after he becomes a free agent
although the Celtics run a slight risk that he's traded to another team
before August 1st (and kept at his full salary).

Does the 38-year old Bowen have anything in the tank? He's no longer a lock down defender. He can hit the occasional clutch 3-pointer. I'm cool with Bowen if he's playing a handful of minutes per game.

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  • nick

    EXCELLENT MOVE!!!! I dont if he’s old, playing behind Pierce Allen and Daniels all he’s gota do is give us 10 hardcore minutes a night of tripping defense eye poking and all the other dirty shit he likes to do. This would be awesome if it happens.

  • What’s the NBA record for Oldest Average Age on a team?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    haha I don’t know if I really care for this move that much unless we get him for absolutely NOTHING. Otherwise don’t make it a stretch to get this guy

  • Matt

    What??? This move would make no sense!

  • NineSevenEight

    Has anyone cleared this with Ray?

  • I just did the math. The Celtics average age is 28.

  • Wow-differing opinions-and really valid ones. I have to agree w/those that say it’s a good idea, but only if it comes cheap. This guy is another Posey-not quite as good an all-around player, but someone to really hassle guys like ‘Bron, VC, DWade etc..bring it. Plus he’s money from the corner-$.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Maybe not a lockdown defender, but knows how to play some good D. At the very least, a 3rd wing off the bench who knows where to place his feet to break his opponents ankles. If we can lose TA and Scal, he’d fit pretty well.

  • rob

    He’s a dirty, dangerous, dishonorable player who no-one likes. Sign me up!

  • Jon

    yuck. I don’t want him at all but anything more than the absolute minimum is overpaying and $4 mil is absurd. No 38 yr old is locking down any of the best people in the league. If you just want a guy to play 10 minutes, hit a 3 and hack people, Giddens could do that.