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Has Marbury Cost Himself Another Job?

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski lays into Stephon Marbury and the behavior exhibited during his 24-hour Ustream:

As Stephon Marbury clung to that camera for most of those 24 hours, a lost soul spiraling
within a voyeuristic ‘net culture, one longtime associate kept logging
in and out of the video chat Friday and into Saturday morning.

“He’s lonely,” he told me. “This is sad to watch. I feel for him. Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

This is someone who has worked with Marbury in the past, who likes
him and thinks there’s a lot of good amid the confusion and turmoil.
Marbury is no longer an All-Star basketball player, but a journeyman
trying to turn his fading fame into counterculture basketball
celebrity. As his talent has rapidly decayed, his career bottomed out,
Starbury’s appeal has been relegated to that of a peep show on the
Internet. He’s turned himself into the radio station that you hear in
the back of a taxi at 2 a.m.

were teams watching him in front offices as he conducted his marathon
video chat on Friday, and Starbury confirmed himself as a complete
loon. He was live on his balcony, Jesus had shown himself in Marbury’s
shower and this wayward point guard was still the biggest waste of
talent that basketball’s seen in a long, long time.

“He’s gone off the deep end,” one Western Conference executive texted on Friday.

I applaud Marbury for the access he's granting his fans. But you gotta admit, he's going overboard. My Twitter page is overdosing on Steph's tweets. Maybe he really is lonely.

As for the video, I didn't watch, so I won't judge. But from what I read, it was hilarious. I'm guessing if Ron Artest gave us a 24-hour peak into his life, we'd be disturbed at what we witnessed.

Maybe some leagues executives think Marbury is crazy and because of what they saw, they won't sign him. My gut tells me Marbury is signing with the Celtics. He was a model teammate last season and deserves another shot.

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  • I agree-part of the allure was him popping up sporadically (sp?). This 24 hour idea may just drive people away. I have been tuning in off and on, and have to turn it off when he goes on those rants and starts Tweeting every 5 seconds. I believe he will play for the Celtics or go to Europe-simply because noone else wants him. He would be a great fit for us again and a full season may get him back to being the scoring threat that he once was. We should find out soon I would think…

  • Lex

    Marquis, Baby, Bowen, and Marbury. That sounds like a deep bench. But wait, I think there was one other guy we signed this summer, no?

  • I think this guy is reading way too into this. Dude was probably bored and did this for a goof. He still is a brand, and runs a business, so he’s doing a great job of advertising himself for free. Gone off the deep end is quite an overreaction.