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Celtics Still Expected to Match BBD Offers

Via the NY Post:

All is status quo on the Nets' free-agent front. . . . Though admitting
it would be a long shot that "probably won't happen," one Nets source
insisted Glen "Big Baby" Davis could return to the Nets radar. The
Celtics are expected to match any offer.

While it's widely reported the Celtics are prepared to match any offer, they clearly aren't ready to make an offer.

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  • FSantos33

    I feel for BBD, welcome to the business side of the NBA. Wow, he has to be beyond pissed off by now. The money side of things and giving up a shot to make the USA Team gotta hurt. I wish the best for him, hope at the end of the day it works out for both parties.

  • 11rings

    Yeah, I feel for BBD too but I think he’s got a good attitude and he’s probably not that upset. If anything he’ll probably just use this as additional motivation. I think we’ll see some improved defensive rebounding and interior D from him where ever he plays this coming season.