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Bask in the glory that is Stephon Marbury

Did you miss the Starbury marathon yesterday?  I’ll admit, I missed a lot of it too… but that’s ok.  Because we can easily re-live the glorious 24 hours that was.  UStream.TV has chopped up a bunch of the stream into videos you can watch whenever you want. 

And if that’s too much, you can just run down the gigantic running diary, complete with quotes, on NBA Musings (Via FanHouse).  This one kind of surprises me:

Funniest dude in the NBA: Lot of funny cats in the NBA.. like Kendrick Perkins. He’s a funny dude. […] He’s hilarious!

I guess I didn’t expect Perk to be the team cut-up. 

I think the one quote that will define this broadcast is “They tried to put me in a box!”

He must have said that a million times. 

Say what you want about Steph… he changed the game with this.  Who knows what will follow… what other players will do… what teams will have to do to keep it in check.  This really is just the beginning.

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  • haha, someone also asked him who was the strongest dude in the NBA, his answer to that was also Perkins…..maybe a man crush there? lol
    hilarious, entertaining, epic feed by marbury

  • oh and lol@ the media…they are completly and utterly clueless and still paint marbury as something he is not…Yes marbury is different, (perhaps bipolar), but he truly is brilliant in his own way, ive read things such as hes going off the deep end, etc etc etc….um actually no he isnt, hes an entrepenuer, some of these fucks truly dont understand theres more to life then the NBA

  • I did get to see alot of it, and it was great. Adrian Wojnarowski (something like that) wrote a column this morning for Yahoo NBA that basically bashed Marbury and said he is crazy. I personally learned alot about Starbury by watching alot of the feed. Yeah, Steph’s a bit eccentric, but given all that’s he been through, the amount of pressure that was on him since his Lincoln High days (that he talked about) I think he’s done pretty well. Alot of lesser men would’ve snapped and become losers or derelicts of some kind-you read about it everyday. But with the exception of a few mistakes, the guy’s done pretty damn great for himself. I’d really like to see him resign with the Celtics and get himself a ring. If not, maybe he’ll go overseas and blow-up over there. Either way, I wish him well.

  • FSantos33

    UStream will be the “Next” thing. Wait until the media outlets, Rock bands, Rap artists, Hollywood celebrities and different athletes from all sports catch on their website will blowup. Imagine Sports stars, Super models, and Artists decide to do an one hour feed on themselves tune in at 8pm – It will be a great way to get exposure and awesome way to market themselves. It will be the next thing.
    What NBA star would you guys like to see on UStream next? Personally I am hoping for a supermodel.

  • I read that article, and its his worst work by far, i usually enjoy his articles, but he just clearly doesnt get it…marbury isnt going insane, hes flat out being himself, thats it….some people dont get it, that and he kept talking about how hes not a good player, um i dont know how many times marbury had to say hes more concerned with life then basketball, he could probably say it for 24 hrs straight and NBA writers still wouldnt hear him, they guy is succesful in life, period

  • actually, they already are FSantos. Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and other singers/actors/actresses have been UStreaming for a while now…if you go to, you can see who has been on..

  • FSantos33

    What up Kwapt… Oh ok, I am a retard, lil’ slow on technology. By the way did you follow up with Chuck’s job offer to run Facebook? If I remember correctly that was from last week.

  • sorry..didn’t mean to imply that. I haven’t heard from Chuck, but I did accept the nomination.

  • thebleeptruth

    Forget about Starbury. He’s finally getting a dose of reality. This guy has screwed so many teams in the past already. Alright he wasn’t that bad when he was with the Celtics, but hey bottom line is, it’s almost August, and “Starbury” doesn’t have a team yet.