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LeBron Becoming a Diva?

Chuck - Red's Army July 24, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on LeBron Becoming a Diva?


Via Phil Taylor of SI.com:

Some diva tendencies are starting to show, first pouting after a big
loss and now trying to suppress video that shows him as something less
than a superman for about five seconds. It's a little like an actress
who won't allow herself to be photographed unless her makeup is on and
the lighting is perfect. It would be a shame to see James, who has been
so appealing in part because he has seemed so natural and
down-to-earth, turn into the kind of celebrity athlete who becomes so
self-absorbed he can't handle defeat with grace or so image conscious
he tries to micro-manage the flow of information about him that reaches
the public.

I couldn't have said it better myself. The King's image has taken a pounding this off-season, starting with the way he walked off the court in the series loss to Orlando, to the egomaniacal t-shirts to the dunk tape fiasco. If he leaves Cleveland (without winning a title), things will only get worse.

UPDATE: Nike says it will return those confiscated tapes from LeBron's camp. Why bother now? All this does is prove you took the tapes to protect LBJ and not because videotaping is prohibited at the camp, like you initially claimed.

Red Alert: New Photo Gallery

I'd like to point out the addition of our newest photo gallery – Erin Andrews. No – you won't find any images from the peep-hole tape. We are honoring her beauty in a very respectable and SFW format.

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  • Ms. Andrews looks much better with clothes on, believe it or not-IMO anyway

  • Would you still have that opinion if she were standing in front of you – minus the clothing?

  • NO WAY!! I know it sounds dumb, but with her clothes off, her boobs are so disproportianate to her body and her butt's flat as a pancake..lol..but hell no-I wouldn't throw her out of bed!

  • That’s just crazy talk. She’s fine as hell.
    Bron Bron needs to dump his PR rep.

  • Skip Bayless

    I would like to see eLBJ in a saw movie, only its not a movie and its the sikkest one you’ve ever seen! little bitch guts all over the place!
    the second movie I think eLBJ would star it would be a new X-men movie he could play great Dickbillplattapus,with dicks for thumbs and he’s always sucking on them!
    p.s. M.J. touched little boys and they called him king too!

  • You are a moron.

  • d

    Chalk another one up on the list – Let’s not forget Lebron’s finding it “unneccessary” to come out for the ring ceremony on opening night last year.
    I’ve always said that having a relatively inexperienced supporting cast that it probably would’ve helped them to see the ring ceremony and get a little fire in them.
    But as we now see, if it isn’t about him – it doesn’t matter.

  • Nickels

    Lebron’s a diva?
    Sky’s blue?

  • Bill

    Bron = Kobe = bitch

  • credz22

    nobody likes you wilbons so much better