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How Much Better Does Andre Miller Make Portland?

Via Yahoo! Sports:

Andrew Miller will accept a three-year, $22 million offer to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers, a source close to the free-agent guard said on Friday.

The first two seasons of the contract are guaranteed while the third year is a team option.

Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard cautioned that
“nothing is done yet.” But a source close to Miller said he has decided
to take the offer and will sign with the Blazers.

Miller will give the Trail Blazers a veteran point guard to help steady their young roster.

Miller is a good signing for the Blazers. He's a big upgrade from Steve Blake. Portland needs a guy who can distribute the ball among Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden and others.

This signing makes Portland the #3 team in the West, behind the Lakers and Spurs.

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  • Dallas will be right there. So will Denver. You cannot just say that it makes them the #3 team in the west.

  • I expect Denver to fall back a bit. Not a fan of Dallas. Going with Portland as #3.

  • Nick

    He is decent for sure, but wouldn’t they be 14 times more dangerous playing Roy at the point and signing Odom. Then you can have Odom, Batum, Outlaw,Fernandez, and Martell Webster occupying the SG and SF positions and stil have Oden,Prybilla,and Aldridge up front. They can also play L.O at the 4 if they want to. They would be much bigger and deeper. They could always sign another PG or just keep Blake to help out Brandon Roy. These guys are fuckin dumb not signing Odom!

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Not good news for Jerryd Bayless. I am pretty shocked. I thought Bayless would be great from the start.
    I think Denver is still #2 in the West. SA needs to have an injury discount factored in due primarily to Ginobili and his cranky ankles. Just remember, Dallas destroyed SA and Denver destroyed Dallas. Neither series was surprising. Jefferson cant make that up alone, but he and Ginobili can.
    If the Spurs stay healthy, they will be conference finals material for sure.

  • Nick

    Igota say I think we are overrating the Spurs a bit and Richard Jefferson. What will determine the Spurs success this season, will be Duncan and Ginobli’s health, and the progression of Blair, Ian Mahmini and if Theo Ratliff can help out. They need SOOOOOOO MANY fucking things to go right to beat the Lakers but hey anything is possible but they are a little to old and unathletic for my liking.

  • Sal

    I would never have given Andrew Miller $21 mil over 3 years. As for ANDRE Miller? I’m not crazy about it. He doesn’t put them over the top. He can’t shoot, but I’m sure they’re fine with that, with all the scoring options they have. He’s on the wrong side of 30, and they’ll be happy about this deal in a couple of years solely because he’ll be a decent expiring contract to deal.