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Why The Need for Hand Signals?


Via Sports Crackle Pop:

Here are pictures of Tracy McGrady, Al Harrington (I think it’s him),
Paul Pierce, and Jermaine O’Neal at Pure last Friday night. I don’t
claim to have a PhD in gang symbols, but what a couple of these NBA
players are “throwing up”  are eerily similar to what the Truth got fined for in Game 3 of the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks last year.

Red's Army has learned Pierce's gang is called "Banner 17 Posse."

More pics of the guys and their hand signals….after the jump.



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  • I’ll take a stab at what they’re saying…I took a class on speaking gangsta. Got the shirt!
    Tracy McGrady is throwing up the sign for health…which translates to I want stay healthy for one complete season.
    Harrington is throwing up his playoff stats…0-3, second pic is the traditional “ok”.
    P2’s sign is rare….unknown to those guys…championship blinganese. He’s saying how does my ring look against my shirt.
    JO and the guy on the bottom just wanted to be in the pic.
    Hope this helps.

  • Scott

    In the last picture Al Harrington is definitely throwing up the Piru Blood gang sign. My guess is that most of these hand signals having something to do with the Bloods.

  • Scott

    Some of the animated signs on that site look eerily similar to the ones being thrown up in these pictures.

  • JSKCknit!! Nice to see you @RedsArmy.com brother!

  • DelonteGoneWest

    They are blood signs I’m sure, however not baggin on this guys article but they were there Sat. night not Fri. I was a first hand witness is Vegas.. Just givin Red’s Army the first hand scoop..

  • Soooooo how do we join?

  • ThaTruthjr34

    okay not really understanding Al’s signs here… the blood killer sign “bounty hunter?” kinda sorta looks like that… but he is using the wrong hand… and Paul wouldn’t really go for havin a bounty hunter in the group! so i am just gunna say that he is too drunk, or they snapped the picture too quick… but he is trying to throw up a “b”
    on the other hand… Paul up there is just hardcore G!… and if you did not know he is throwing up a “piru” sign

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  • are these men in bglos – black fraternities? if so, this is just their hand sign