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What about Jamaal Tinsley?

Jamaal_Tinsley One thing that came up early in last nights edition of "The Two Man Game" was the Pacers release of Jamaal Tinsley.  We were discussing it with Tom from IndyCornrows, who said that once he got past his frustration with how the Tinsley situation went… it could be a good fit.

The FanHouse write up seems to reinforce that.

So what now for Tinsley? Missing the last year and a half has certainly
hurt his market value, but there will likely be interest from at least
a few teams for a player who's averaged 7.0 assists for his career,
including 8.4 assists in 39 games in 2007-08. Tinsley has never been
much of a shooting threat, but he could rehabilitate his career as an
unselfish playmaker off the bench.

He was due almost $15 million over the next two years, so he must have received some portion of that in a buyout.  If he's getting money from the Pacers to do nothing, maybe he'll accept the veteran minimum to get back into the game as a back up. 

It fits Ainge's MO.  ANOTHER guy in his early 30's signing a short-term deal.  And on our second unit, he'd only need to be a facilitator… which he can do. 

So what do you think?  Is it realistic to think Tinsley would come here for the minimum?  Would you want him here? Cast your vote in our new poll (see right sidebar).

If you missed last night's show… I'd encourage you to check it out.  Just visit our show page to listen to it now… or download it to listen later.  Not only did Tom give us some great insight about Marquis Daniels, Jeff from CelticsBlog helped put a lot of the recent moves into perspective.  Two great guests and all of our callers were awesome. 

BUT… even if you listened last night, you missed the "Red's Army After Dark" portion of the show… which is when our live stream ends, but the podcast continues.  We went an extra 15 minutes.  Jester called in (always a treat) and made the perfect analogy to put the LeBron dunk into perspective.  He also asked Jeff a great question about Leon Powe… and we all discussed the possibility of a Rajon Rondo contract extension.  You can only hear that by going to the show page. 

Again… thanks to our guests and callers.  Chuck and I are very excited about how these shows have been going.  It's amazing how good a show can be once we get people who actually know basketball on the program.

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  • You don’t want any part of Jamaal Tinsley. He is a disruptive person and as a player, he takes too many shots. He’s like Starbury-lite.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I would much rather have Starbury than Tinsley. I’m really hoping stephon decides to rejoin our team

  • tommy hoosier

    Are you guys insane the only thing he could do for Boston is help the strip club business. Anyway are we trying to be the most hated team in the nba I can handle one or two douchebags but I have to admit we are getting away from charactar guys just expecting kg to straighten em out but that said i cannot wait until next season

  • I’m with you, Starbury is way better (if he keeps behaving well, of course).

  • doesnt pierce hate his guts? whenever they played against each other they always managed to butt heads. remember that playoff game in 05?

  • yea guys thanks for the props i don’t remember callin but i was funny……..dam I be hammered right now chuck thank you for posting the wine thingy god how i missed the sweat tast of beer hammmered right now love this blog everone be cool i may be heading to boston next year anyone have a spare bed room?????????GO CEltic GO Buckeyes!!!!!!