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Scalabrine, Odom, The King’s Weed & Celtics Dancers

Here's what's going on:

Brian Scalabrine will not be part of any sign-and-trade with the Indianapolis Pacers. Indy Cornrows blogger Tom Lewis (citing a Pacers beat writer) broke this news to us last night during our Two Man Game show.

Despite rumors that Marbury is leaning towards resigning with the Celtics, Marc Spears tweets that Marbury has "nothing strong going on with anyone now." Marbury is also planning a 24 hour, uncensored live chat on Ustream starting Friday at 6am.

The Pacers have finally released/bought-out point guard Jamaal Tinsley. Could he be the answer to our back-up point guard void? He's probably carrying too much baggage for Wyc and co.

Despite reports, the Lakers are not on the verge of resigning Lamar Odom. KCAL reports there are no offers on the table, but the LA Times claims the two sides are talking.

According to a new book, LeBron James smoked weed in high school. First the video of that embarrassing dunk and now this earth-shattering news.

The Celtics will hold the final round of auditions for next year's dance team tonight at the House of Blues in Boston. After the jump, a video clip of the tryouts.

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  • thetitleisours

    What is your take on the Daniels trade taking so long to complete?
    Think they would have figured out the numbers by now unless a third party is involved.

  • There might be something to that 3rd party thing. I think they’re trying to figure out a way to do this without just adding salary. Remember… $1.9 million to Daniels really means $3.8 million to the C’s. If they can trade away pieces to keep their salary where it is, and add Daniels, they’ll do that.
    Nothing really to worry about IMO

  • FYI – Earlier today, I heard Pacers beat writer Mike Wells re-affirm his tweet that Scalabrine wouldn’t be involved in a s-n-t deal. He also mentioned that the Pacers want to limit their roster to 14 players this year, so counting Earl Watson, they currently have 12.