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KG Backs New & Improved Wheaties


Mills Inc. said Thursday it will launch a new version of Wheaties it
says is designed for athletes, with input from athletes such as NFL
quarterback Peyton Manning and NBA star Kevin Garnett.

Golden Valley-based company says it is testing three types of the new
version of Wheaties with athletes and some readers of Men’s Health
magazine. It will announce the new product in September.

The company said in a news release the new version will not replace the 85-year-old original Wheaties.

General Mills plans to market the cereal as helping athletes with endurance and energy.

I figured this out years ago. Instead of milk, I pour Gatorade into my bowl.

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  • G4L

    That would be nasty!

  • i guess it wasnt enough for him to just save the celtics

  • thetitleisours

    Rice Krispies with beer is not bad too..

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    They should have selected Kobe and Tom Brady to promote.

  • I’m guessing General Mills isn’t cool with having shady sex offenders as spokespeople.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    I did not say Rothlisberger, I said Brady. I just thought they would want spokesmean who were great more than once.
    Kind of like this man:

  • NineSevenEight

    His two rings were won in Boston. Where does that leave L.A.???? This is like the L.A. Lakers taking credit for the Minneappolis Lakers banners.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    I just wanted to post that home run here. It was an admittedly cheap thrill. If you tell me it bothered you, that will make me happy.
    I honestly dont care about Minneapolis. I was not born. Nor was I born in the 60’s. 9-4 is my score. Circa Gerald Ford.

  • Im starting a nick like petition to get danny to sign Jason Williams, and no not the one that kills his wife and driver, the white guy
    it needs to be done, no he is not the missing piece to banner number 18, im not sure what he is, but i want him in boston

  • couldnt care less, im a stros fan, how’d the dodgers fare against them this year?

  • Nice role models. Kobe and Manny. Two class acts.

    And Ben has won two Super Bowls. Not to mention that lawsuit is a farce.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Stros played the Dodgers well last weekend. I think they have a good shot to winb that division.
    Here is the link I want to give you Papa

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    YES! White Chocolate on the Celts is a must!

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Who said anything about role models? They work for the teams I cheer for. My role models are my dad, Jesus and Hugh Hefner. I sometimes play the role of all 3.
    OK, Im out. Good chatting with you guys.

  • 11rings

    Cheerios and Bailey’s is better

  • illantari

    I like how Manning looks like he’s smiling doing a promotion while KG looks like he has the CRAZY and is about to eat someone’s head.