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The awesomness that is Stephon Marbury

At 9pm last night, I logged on to check out Stephon Marbury's live broadcast… and it was one of the most entertaining couple of hours I've witnessed in a while.

The first 45 minutes or so was a hysterical train-wreck of Steph trying to get his camera to work.  He must have asked "Can you hear me" a million times.  Then, after a while, his boy popped up on the screen and we saw him for 20 minutes trying to guide Steph through the menus of his MacBook Pro.  All the while, Steph is talking… some of it self deprecating humor… some of it asking for help… some of it was who knows what.

After a series of mis-fires… freeze-frames… and random dudes showing up in boxes during the feed… Steph just started answering questions.  It was an hour-plus of a sort of stream-of-consciousness that I've never heard before.  The questions were scrolling so fast, he could barely keep up… so he seamlessly transitioned from one answer to the next, barely referencing the new question.  

Someone asked "do you like fried chicken?".. which spurred a whole rambling answer about not eating fatty acids because his family is big.  Within half a second, he responded to the next question "is Rondo a prick?  No, Rondo ain't a prick, he's a cool dude."

He was asked about Doc Rivers… and he went on to compare him to Phil Jackson… and describe how both guys put everyone's personalities in a sack, and… well… I'm not sure where that went.

How's JR Giddens?  "Giddens got D up the ass.  He's a stopper in this league." 

It sort of was one of those "you had to be there" experiences… because it's hard to really appreciate exactly what we witnessed.  But don't take my word for it.  Here's how JE Skeets at Ball Don't Lie saw it.

Tuesday night, Stephon Marbury jumped on Ustream — a popular video streaming website once hijacked by Eddy Curry poltergeists — to answer a few questions. What started as a simple show
marred by technical difficulties quickly turned into an epic two-hour
Q&A rant still marred by technical difficulties. (Neither Marbs nor
his "IT department," which consisted of a guy who looked like Hancock, ever got the video working.)

But there was crystal clear audio, and honestly, it was the perfect example of what Twitter should be. "Direct, unfiltered, media free access." And oh, entertaining as all get-out.

He's got a ton of quotes… so I recommend heading over there.  Here are a few

  • "Can I rap? Yeah, I can rap. But I don't. Rap is just fast talking."
  • "I'm not doing a movie like Bassy … yet. I got a movie coming out Christmas Day. Brooke Shields is in it."
  • "John Stockton is a computer. He's playing chess with you. He's doing stuff to you before it even happens."

And from SLAM:

My phone started blowing up last night around
10:45, with some serious urgency in the texts and emails I was getting.
Did someone die? Was there a big trade?

Nope. It was Stephon Marbury giving the Internets the best entertainment money couldn’t buy last night

The one thing he didn't say is exactly where he'll play next year.  He gave Boston a ton of love… and seems to be open to a return.  So we'll have to see. 

And here's the beauty of this.  If you missed it, there'll be more.  Of course, we'll keep you posted when he does another show.  It's an absolute must-see. 

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  • G4L

    I never thought I’de have so much fun looking at a black screen!
    Did you notice How he still used “we” when refering to the C’s! I think He definitely wants to comeback.

  • Kyle

    Good analysis of Steph’s Ustream. It was definitley entertaining and I actually hole he does it again. Another great quote was “I can’t even see me though” and that countless callouts of “hey haus” or whatever those screams were. Classic.

  • That sounds hilarious.. is there a link to the recording?

  • I tried to find a link… but I’m not sure if UStream records the live shows.
    Trust me… no write up could possibly capture how great this really was.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Maybe Giddens makes the team this year, especially if we dump TA and Scals contracts. If he has the “D up the ass”, then Pierce and Ray can groom his offense, we get a nice developed wing for the next few years.
    Im just hoping that once the old men go, the Celtics will have a nice young powerhouse which they can add a veteran too every year. I just cant take the 90’s again.

  • That’s not very entrepreneurial of them. Chuck it up on a podcast or download and ask for registration.
    That sux, hopefully they’ll add it or I’ll just have to switch jobs to free up some time.

  • Alex

    I wish Marbury used than garbage Ustream… actually records the streams and you can watch it any time you want.

  • reported that it was danny ainge not the pistons who turned down the maxielle and a 1st rounder for big baby giddens and pruitt

  • Alex

    Hey guys!
    Letting you all know that Marbury is going to do another LIVE FEED at 9pm, same place.
    Hopefully he knows how to setup his webcam this time. x]

  • thetitleisours

    Makes the potential Piston deal sound even more lopsided (and not in our favor)

  • thetitleisours

    That would make MORE sense

  • thetitleisours

    Anyone know why the Indiana trade is taking so long to iron out?
    If we could let go TA and Pruitt than Marbury would make sense (although I do not want to lose Hudson)

  • Steph tends to ramble quite a bit on twitter. I have no clue what the f*ck he’s talking about most of the time. I don’t think he’s figured out the way to reply to specific people.

  • No, I think Dell’Apa of the Globe messed up the story.

  • And you forgot to mention when he told the tech guy..”Rondo will hit a jumpshot before you get this fixed..!” Man, what a great show. Now I really hope he comes back. Pressers with him, KG and ‘Sheed!? WHAT!

  • thetitleisours

    Glad it failed then. We owe the Pistons one lol

  • Bill

    I love Steph. “Can I rap? Yeah I can rap…” Pure comedic genius. He’s a nut job like Pollard, only funny and likable.
    There are some good looking ladies sitting behind home plate at the Rangers/Sox game in case anyone is interested.