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Tanguay Hints Marbury Could Be Back in Green

Via Comcast:

According to a league source, a possibility remains that Stephon
Marbury could be back in a Celtic’s uniform. Marbury, who joined the Celtics as a back up point guard for a quarter of the season last year,
originally turned down the veteran minimum ($1.3 million). Reportedly,
his only other option is Europe. It seems that Steph might have second
thoughts and feel that playing for the Celtics for the minimum is
better than going across the pond.

First NES247 and now Tanguay. Consider Marbury signed, sealed and delivered.

PS – The Celtics might win 70 games this year.

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  • FSantos33

    What happened to all the stuff Marbury side he is a starter – I am not sure if brining him back is a good idea. Will he will be committed enough to be backup to Rondo the whole season? I am concerned he might give us a dose of the NY Knick Marbury if he becomes unhappy.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Wow, that would be almost as big as the Lakers re-signing Josh Powell.
    I mean, there is probably a reason he has not signed anywhere else. Or is the market broken?
    If the Celtics can win 70 with Star, they should be able to win 69 without him. And even that one loss they would take a lead to the 4th.

  • jhibachi

    70 games?? Man, there must be good weed in Suckdic land if they think they can win THAT many games. The Suckdics picked up Rasheed Wallace, not Michael Jordan.

  • We’re screwed!

    ODOM TO SIGN WITH THE LAKERS….we are screwed guys….we’re fucked….we can’t win the title anymore….we’re such an old team…wallace makes us even older..and marbury sucks shit….oh man…i hate being a celdick fan!! ahhhhhhh

  • NineSevenEight

    I know you don’t realize this, but when you use the same email address even when you’re pretending to be two different people…the same avatar shows up. Try not to blow your own cover next time.

  • Boston sucks

    Wasn’t trying to be two different people. In any event, you’re just pissed cuz you’re actually a CELDICK fan who know’s banner 18 ain’t goin up anytime soon.

  • OH BOY!.. I can’t wait for the season to start….

  • I might even get to keep my Marbury-alter-ego avatar.
    When do we get to kick the lakers hard in the cajones?

  • NineSevenEight

    No..I’m a Celtics fan…on a Celtics blog. Unlike you, I have no desire to paTROLL a Lakers blog. There’s this thing called “Life” that gets in the way. And you don’t know me…or my emotions so save your psychological examinations for someone who needs it…LIKE YOURSELF

  • Speaking of which…. When does the schedule come out?

  • Bought a few pair of tickets last night and now we all friends are waiting for the season to begin..!!

  • Boston sucks dick

    Neither do you know me…or my emotions so save your psychological examinations for someone who needs it…LIKE YOURSELF