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Rumor: Odom back to LA

BlackSportsOnline has rumor:

Odom will sign a 4 year 40 million dollar contract to stay with the champs.

change of heart came after Lamar reached out to Dr. Jerry Buss. The two
of them had a close door meeting in Las Vegas yesterday where they were
able to reach an agreement.

The Lakers need to make this move to avoid taking a step backwards.  I'm surprised Portland didn't make a move.  I'm not sure if Kevin Pritchard is just having a bad offseason, or if he knows something.

You know… I've seen good poker players have stretches of really bad luck.  I think this might be that kind of summer.  Losing Turkoglu was like losing a huge pot on the river.  You had it all the way… until the end.  And yes, that's a feeling I know all too well.

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  • Jon

    Rondo >> Fisher
    Ray < Kobe Pierce > Artest
    KG >> Bynum
    Perk = Pau (Perk’s better defense = Pau’s better offense)
    Sheed = Odom
    House > Vujacic or Shannon Brown
    Baby (hopefully) > Walton
    Marbury = Farmar
    No worries.

  • Anon

    i think u should worry about the magic matchups first brah

  • DntHateThaChamps09

    lol u got it wrong. FishRay, Artest=Pierce, Bynum>Perkins, Pau=KG, Odom>Sheed, Farmar>Marbury. nice try. you should also learn that bynum guards perkins and pau matches up with KG. nice try noob.

  • wat

    Bynum > Rondo
    Artest > Allen
    Kobe >>>>> Pierce
    Pau = KG
    Fisher >> Perkins
    Odom >>>>>>> the WHOLE celtics bench
    Lakers >>>> Celtics

  • srm90

    <>= comparisons /= analysis

  • JD

    First off Bynum sucks and is overrated. Second off, why do you have him compared with Rondo? I’ll answer that for you; your a retard. Seeing as how everyone is doing a comparison, I’ll do it too.
    Perkins=Bynum (I actually think Perk is a little better, but I’ll assume Bynum improves a little too)
    House > Vujaclit and Shannon Brown
    Daniels> Walton
    Big Baby> Any other Laker Big left
    Marbury= Farmar
    So the Celtics have 3 advantages in the starting lineups, the Lakers have one. The Celtics bench is better, because other than Odom, the Lakers bench just plain sucks. I think that when fully healthy, the Celtics are better.

  • “The report indicated the Pistons offered a sign-and-trade deal that would have sent Davis, J.R. Giddens, and Gabe Pruitt to Detroit in exchange for Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick but the Celtics declined.”
    LOL, wow Danny Ainge is dumb.
    (It’s at the bottom)

  • I thought the Lakers had Kobe Bryant?

  • none


  • JD

    My comment got fucked up methinks. What I meant was….
    Rondo >> Fisher
    Allen < Kobe Pierce > Artest

  • dom1020

    I mean hey, its just Kobe Bryant, like he matters right? 4 championships,mvp, finals,mvp,3 allstar mvps….

  • OwnedNone

    vin baker?!! bwahahahahahahaha. wtf r u talking about!! la will have a bunch of fossils in 2 years???? LOL wtf do u think boston is now!! their knees are gonna give up before the playoffs like they did last season. its over boston, u guys are too old, fossils!

  • Jon

    Why? Perk is one of the best defenders in the league on Howard and they lost their matchup problems once they lost Turk and signed Bass. With Rashard Lewis at SF and Bass PF, they don’t cause matchup problems.

  • Jon

    you should also learn that Ray matches with Kobe, who you omitted, not Fisher.

  • Please somebody confirm Ray matches with Kobe or Fisher?

  • JD

    It depends on whether its offense or defense.

  • Reality

    Artest shuts down Pierce.
    Kobe shuts down Allen.
    Pau matches even with KG.
    So where does Boston score? Rondo?
    Love Rasheed, but he’s just not the same player anymore.
    And unlike Boston after it’s championship, LA is not losing it’s bench and to say LA’s bench is weak just shows a lack of basketball IQ. They are role players perfect for a system of ball and player movement.
    Final word? Boston should be more concerned about the Cavs and Magic and not be so worried about LA. Getting to the finals is going to be really tough for an “aged” squad with hopes riding on a knee.

  • Reality

    You are giving Pierce way too much credit. Artest’s size and strength will give Pierce trouble, especially in a 7 game series. Add to the fact that Artest WILL get in Paul’s head and you’ve got “must see” TV.

  • agreement with reality

    pwned JD