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Nets’ Baby Talk A Lot of Babble

Via the New York Post:

Glen "Big Baby" Davis? Yup, the Nets have inquired.

Same with Lamar Odom and Marvin Williams and Drew Gooden and just about every other frontcourt free agent.

But, of course, asking about and acquiring are in two vastly different arenas.

Several Nets sources confirmed the team's interest in Davis, but all
agreed the chances of landing the Celtics restricted free agent are
unlikely. Boston wants to keep him, and the Celts have said they'll
match any reasonable offer.

For the record, I ripped that headline straight from the Post. It's too good to pass up.

This is the same old story for Glen. Teams are interested, but at a moderate price. And since the Celtics have made it clear they are willing to match any reasonable offer, those teams aren't bothering to make that offer.

We've been over this before. This sucks for Glen Davis. But so is life as a restricted free agent in the NBA. At some point, Danny will want to finalize his roster and he'll make BBD an offer.

Sorry for posting so late in the morning, but it's not like I didn't warn you. Some of you inquired about getting a bottle of that Celtics wine. Here's the link for the Boston Winery, but I'm not sure it's something you can buy.

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  • Lex

    I’m still intrigued by the Maxiell for Davis idea. Maxiell, at least the one from two years ago, had some attitude I’d like to see our bench have, plus some intimidating defense. Glen is actually a good “position” defender, but not an intimidating one.