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LeBron video hitting the web tonight!

Here's more proof that LeBron and Nike are idiots for confiscating that tape of him getting dunked on.

There's one video of the dunk… and it's going to go up on TMZ.com just before 7pm.  That's right… TMZ. 

So instead of it living on somewhere as a funny little YouTube moment… TMZ is now involved.  And it's drumming up a ton of anticipation.  So now, not only will all of us basketball fans see it… it's reaching an entirely new audience of gawkers.  And for them, this means something.  They're the fringe people who drink vitamin water because of him.  And check out how TMZ is marketing it:

LeBron's people and Nike reportedly confiscated all
video proof of the moment LeBron got taken to the HOLE — but we
finally found the one SURVIVING copy of the moment LeBron became
LeBitch … and it's awesome!!!!

Great move LeBron.  Now some entertainment website is calling you "LeBitch".  All because your fragile ego couldn't handle video of you getting dunked on.  Now this is a hundred times worse. 

There's really only one PR move out of this.  Embrace it.  Make fun of yourself.  Show a sense of humor about it while there's still time.  He needs to do something like let Jimmy Kimmel dunk on him.  Laugh it up now and diffuse this situation… or "LeBitch" will stick around for a while.

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