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Rumor: Marbury Will Resign With Celtics

Via NES247:

A source tells NES247 that Stephon Marbury will be returning to
Boston, possibly for the bi-annual exception, before the end of August.
Marbury is still playing the waiting game to see what other teams have
to offer, but he intends on returning to Boston and Ainge has already
given him a contract offer.

Now I know you guys are thinking: where’s the link to the other news
source? There isn’t one, this information is exclusive to NES247.
Marbury will be in green next season playing backup to Rondo. You heard
it here first.

Your first reaction is – what the hell is Once the season ended, John and I vowed to deliver any and all rumors related to free agent signings – including ones from web sites who have never broken a story.

If this is true, I'd be delighted to have Marbury back for another year.

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  • I_welcome_back_marbury

    Yes!!! I welcome back the Curse of Marbury to my beloved Suckdics. With Marbury back, Sheed will tear his knee up and Ray Allen will need ankle surgey … again – that’s Guaran-sheed!!!



  • G4L

    This would be good news for the C’s. He’s the best PG option available.
    If he signs the 1.9 Bi-annual doesn’t that mean the C’s need to do a s&t with someone to unload some cash for Marquis Daniels

  • Yes. There’s gotta be a sign-and-trade behind the Daniels acquisition. Why else would it take so long to make the formal announcement?

  • We’ll see-would be nice. With or w/out him, we’re in great shape baby! If we don’t resign him, there are a couple other solid backups still out there in Lue and Jackson (Bobby). I know Jackson is 36, but he can still run an offense better than Pruitt (imo-sorry Gabe) Now the videochat tonight becomes more intriguing. Hopefully someone will throw this story out to him as a question…

  • just tweeted him to see if he’ll say anything about that story-probably not, but who knows-probably depends what kind of mood he’s in

  • Lex

    Good one liner, RA. Hopefully its not the outfit that asked me to blog for them. . .

  • Alex the Greek

    If true, awesome!

  • DRJ

    I would have been delighted to give Lester Hudson a true shot at meeting his potential, which could be huge… a better version of Rondo, maybe. But with Steph there, Lester’s gonna be riding the pine a lot. Too bad.
    Now if we could just get rid of TA and Gabe… Hell, I’d pay some other team to take them off our hands.

  • thetitleisours
  • as long as e-house gets his minutes than this will be great.

  • Andi

    The Celtics need a guard to give Rondo a break. Let Marbury be the guy. That stint with Cassel should not have happened. Marbury does not have the magic anymore,he’s gotten older.
    I just don’t think Wallace is a serious minded ball player. To win a championship takes focus and dedication. Jumping up and down and dancing and getting technical fouls is not the answer.
    The Celtics need to be on a mission. They will be tested by the Cavs,the Magic,Detroit and the Wizards. The Celtics look better on paper than they will play. They are old as far as basketball is concerned. It’s hard keeping up with the young studs. The experience should help the team in some situations,not all. I hope Doc Rivers can handle Wallace and Marbury. The Celtics will actually have a decent 2nd team(bench). The problem will be egos. Everybody can’t start. Somebody has to come off of the bench in relief.