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Marbury continues to love Boston

Stephon Marbury has taken to Twitter to show Boston some love before… and he's doing it again.  In fact, he mentions Boston almost every time he's on Twitter.  This time, he's defending us against the haters.

From @mokalus
@starburymarbury just forget the haters.. 99% of those haters are from boston, and 99% of boston don't really know anything about the NBA.

From @StarburyMarbury
@mokalus thats not true. boston fans are with it my dude. they can follow anything that has to do with basketball

Yes… we're awesome.  In fact, Starbury still lists Boston has his "location" on Twitter.  And in case you still didn't think he enjoyed his time here:

boston i love everything about the celtics. ask what i love and i will tell you.

Too bad he's not coming back.  Or…

boston fans. for the record i will never close the door on the celtics. they were to good to me for me to do such a thing.

Depending on what the C's do with Marquis Daniels, they could still have $1.9 million hanging around.  Guess it depends on what other offers there are out there.  I just wonder if he's looking at that re-vamped Boston bench and thinking that a one-year deal would be his best chance to not only win a ring… but to get one more big payday.

Also out there:  Nash gets 2 year extension in Phoenix  |  Jarret Jack to Toronto 

After the jump, Antoine Walker's mug shot

Via the Herald:

Antoine mug

Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker
said nothing in a Las Vegas court yesterday about criminal charges that
he failed to repay $822,500 in casino gambling debts.

The 6-foot-9 Walker also declined to comment outside the courtroom
after appearing briefly with his lawyer, Jonathan Powell, on three
felony counts of writing 10 bad checks to three Vegas casinos. Powell
also declined to comment.

Walker, the former captain of the Celtics,
was not asked to enter a plea before a Sept. 16 evidentiary hearing
date was set. Prosecutor Bernie Zadrowski told the judge the two sides
might try to negotiate a settlement before that date.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    I still am holdin out hope that we get marbury back. Seriously, he really wants to play here and we do need a back up PG. Why the hell would they not sign him? He still is the best available talent out there for that position right now or am I wrong? How can you not make this work???

  • Lex

    I’m guessing Marbury will make a decision after the Marquis deal is finalized and the Big Baby drama comes to a close.

  • Alex the Greek

    Kind of sad about Antoine, actually…gambling is an addiction that a lot of people just can’t control. I hope he gets help and is able to enjoy the rest of his life once he puts this ugly incident behind him.
    Re: Marbury: hell, I’d take him back as a back-up point guard. With a full training camp, pre-season, and season to really get acclimated with the team, unlike last year, I think he’d be pretty good.

  • Scott

    I would definitely love to bring Marbury back. He showed us glimpses of his old self against Orlando in the playoffs…

  • I am also holding out hope that he will rejoin us. RedsArmy had a very realistic hypothesis that now that we have bolstered our bench, Starbury may seriously reconsider taking that 1-year deal. I think albeit a short experience, those few months he was here, on a competitive team with vets who are just top notch players and people, changed him somewhat-I really do. From some of his Tweets to me and other fans, he seems very hesitant on his next move. I really think he’s at a turning point-“do I want to try for the big dough, or do I want the glory (ring) and to prove everyone wrong. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. Not to spam everyone, but he’s doing a live chat/video blog tonight at 9pm on UStream (you can get there via his Twitter page)-let’s all go there and just guilt-trip him to death about coming

  • Hmm
    He wants to start and wants more money