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Celtics Offered BBD, Pruitt & Giddens for Maxiell

Via Marc Spears:

The Celtics have said they would match any reasonable offer for Davis. The Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers,
league sources said, tried to work a sign-and-trade deal for Davis only
to be rebuffed by the Celtics. Boston did offer Davis and guards
J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruitt to the Pistons for forward Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick, but was quickly turned down.

That sounds like a fair trade to me. I'm sure Pistons fans are laughing as they read this, but they overvalue Maxiell. We heard Natalie from Need4Sheed.com say so during The Two Man Show.

They're both undersized big men. BBD is a much better offensive player, while Maxiell is the better defender. Although Rondo didn't think much of him as he soared to the rim in that YouTube clip. I'd rather have Davis.

Spears also reports the Nets interest in Glen Davis.

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  • i bet the pistons would have taken it if it wasnt for the first round pick danny was asking for

  • This offer pisses me off
    Maxiell is a bum, hes overrated, overvalued and id rather have a guy whos played in our system for 2 years myself…
    I think people assume maxiell is a better rebounder…hes actually not…his career best is 5 per game in 21 minutes (not good at all), and davis in his rookie season averaged the same as maxiell did this year, maxiell also averaged 5 more minutes…so clearly this guy is overrated, and already overpaid…no post game, cant rebound or shoot, hes good for the occaisocal weak side block or put back dunk, thats it…and I dont want him as a celtic at all..
    He averaged 3/3 i this years playoffs and davis averaged 15/5….why the hell does any celtic fan like this deal?? dnnnn dnn unnn….must be baby haters

  • Boney

    If the 1st round pick wasn’t included, it’s an ok deal. Pruitt is useless and so is Giddens

  • G4L

    We’ll I think both of you are right. I think the pick was rejected because of the 1st round pick. I’de rather have Powe over Maxiell.. both energy guys with pretty similar game & you could argue Leon is better especially stats per minutes.
    At the same time we really would not be giving up much.. & we’d be gaining a 1st round draft pick & decent back up.

  • could argue leon is better?
    no, no…Leon IS better, he actually has an offensive post game, and is A MUCH MUCH MUCH better rebounder, I dont think people are understanding maxiell is in babys class when it comes to boards, hes been in the league 4 seasons, and has averaged 3 rebounds per game…has no post game whatsoever either

  • Scott

    My guess is that Danny really wanted to first round pick more so than Maxiell. I mean, that would have to be the case right? I’m with ToTheRuins…Maxiell would have been a downgrade from BDD in most aspects.

  • Talk about fans overrating their own guys…. everyone here is overrating Glen Davis.

  • Joe Dumars just signed chris wilcox and still has interest in BBD…what does this say about maxiell? so the more I think about this trade, the declining has nothing to do with BBD or Maxiell, if it were possible to trade those players straight up, clearly dumars does it….Ainge was just testing HOW MUCH dumars really does love Davis, seeing if he would overlook the 1st round pick for 2 bonafide bums…dumars didnt fall for it, and he has to be even more protective of it considering theyre rebuilding and the pick could come early

  • Scott

    Big Baby
    6’9″ 289 lbs (and dropping)
    7 PPG, 4 rebs, 0.7 stls, 1 ast, 0.3 blks, 73% FTs, 45% FGs
    Jason Maxiell
    6’7″ 260 lbs
    5.8 PPG, 4 rebs, 0.3 stls, 0.3 asts, 0.8 blks, 53% FTs, 57% FGs
    So Maxiell has a slight edge in blocks and an edge in FG%, but that’s it. Baby is bigger and much more versatile.
    Let’s throw in the fact that BBD is 3 years younger, still getting better, and has played in our defensive system for the past 2 years.
    On the flip side, Maxiell’s numbers dropped virtually across the board last year. He’s plateaued. Sure, we may overrate BBD a little in general, but not in comparison to Maxiell. BBD >> Maxiell.

  • Tim I with you, BBD is a little overrated. I love this trade so it won’t happen it would give the C’s good back up PF and a first round pick For BBD and 2 Bums. also room for Powe mid-season?????

  • Absolutely…some fans that are acting like we are overrating glen davis, but have virtually no idea what theyre talking about when it comes to maxiell make me laugh (they end up overrating him)….look at there numbers right next to each other folks, big baby is better, cheaper, knows our system, and can shoot and is getting better, while maxiell seems to be getting worse after he peaked at 5 boards in 21 minutes a couple seasons back…

  • Anyone in the league trades maxiell for Glen Davis straight up, if it were possible (its not, maxiell is too overpaid)but noone trades a first round pick for essienally 2 bums…Dumars like davis, but not that much

  • Did I say anything about Maxiell?
    Celtics fans overrate Glen Davis, that’s all.

  • Scott

    Indirectly, yes. Because the only thing people were saying on here was that we would much rather have BBD than Maxiell. No one was proclaiming him to be better than he is.

  • which is odd because come draft times teams will just sell there first rounders

  • It was mainly a response to Chuck saying “Big Baby is a much better offensive player”… so yes…. he was being made out to be much better than he actually is.

  • not really, glen davis is a much better offensive player then jason maxiell…thats not overrating him

  • Scott

    Chuck is absolutely right about that, so I’m not sure how that’s overrating him.

  • By saying that Glen Davis is a MUCH better offensive player than ANYONE is evidence that you are overrating him.
    He’s alright. People completely overrate him for his performance in the playoffs. His defense was what killed them against Orlando. His inability to guard either Turkoglu or Lewis forced Scal to play huge minutes (which shouldn’t be happening anyways), which resulted in foul trouble for Scal and nobody to come in for Scal.
    Offensively, he took a lot of bad shots. He hit a couple big ones… but he took a ton of big ones. And people still don’t hesitate to help off of him… which makes it tougher for Rondo to take it to the basket (something that won’t be a problem with KG and Rasheed).
    Why do you think Danny is looking for so many ways not to bring him back?

  • See above.

  • AMP

    Danny is looking for so may ways not to bring him back because he thinks he’ll get the biggest return.

  • thetitleisours

    If that happened we would potentially have lost both Giddens (Pisstons) and Walker (Pacers)

  • Scott

    So, by your logic, saying BBD is a much better offensive player than DeSagana Diop is overrating him (even though that statement is obviously true)?

  • Scott

    You too.

  • Scott

    Is Walker headed to the Pacers? I was under the impression that it was Scal and TA…


    It’s hilarious. Only a celtic can dunk on someone like that and still look like a complete fool.

  • No that isnt overrating him…he has an offensive game, maxiell doesnt…he can dunk, thats it…
    Baby davis couldnt defend turkoglu or rashard lewis? ok, nor should he be able to, thats not his specialty on defense, had the team not been depleted, he wouldnt have to defend those players…(maxiell would do a worse job)…davis was being asked to defend oversized small forwards…not happening. to blame him for that? ridicolous.
    Maxiell is a bum, he averaged 3 and 3 in this playoffs and his team got swept, i dont care if we overrate davis, although im not, its fact he stepped up his game and averaged 16/5 in the playoffs and we took the eastern conf champs to 7 with no bench and no KG

  • “By saying that Glen Davis is a MUCH better offensive player than ANYONE is evidence that you are overrating him.”
    After reading this statement, I’m embarrassed for you. It may be the dumbest thing you have ever posted.
    BBD may have his flaws, but he’s clearly a better offensive player than Maxiell.

  • explain how glen davis forced scalabrine to play again?
    did he also force ainge to sign him to that hideous contract? this is a perfect example of how davis ISNT OVERRATED the more you think of it, a guy not even making a million a year is forcing the overpaid, out of shape jacki moon to actually play for his money?

  • his only rebuttal was about daviss defense on two perimter players that were 4 inchers taller then him….ah yes
    Im still wondering to all the people who think we overrate davis for what he did in the playoffs….um, how? he did it, end of story, if it wasnt for the economy he would be worth more then maxiell, and his 16 and 5 through 2 rounds of the playoffs is more impressive then anything maxiell has ever done in his NBA career in twice the time in the league
    oh yeah, lets see jason defend rashard lewis and turkoglu…lmao id pay to see it

  • Scott


  • How about this for an explanation. Big Baby couldn’t guard them so they sent in somebody (SCAL) that could guard them.
    The point is Scal is a much better player than Baby because he makes so many less mistakes at both ends, and I wouldn’t even call Scal a good NBA player.
    Is that a simple enough explanation for you?

  • Hey man at least I don’t just look at box scores and pretend to be an expert.

  • thetitleisours

    Man I hope you are right, but some rumors include him

  • thetitleisours
  • Scott

    hahaha that’s great.

  • Scott

    Dude, you officially just became a joke. I can’t believe you honestly just said Scal is a better player than Baby. You should just admit you are wrong and at least people would still respect you.

  • Our record is much better with Scal in the starting lineup than it is with Big Baby.
    Intelligence and defense are two of the most important parts of basketball… Scal has the edge in both.

  • Um lets see
    Scal got sent in off his overpaid ass to finally contribute? because we had absoluitely noone else who could do it
    and lets see, Scal is the same height as turkoglu and lewis and is more of a perimter player then davis, who is at least 4 inches shorter.
    people who are solely basing babys play off how he guarded 2 6 10 wing players are morons, if baby averages 3/3 in the first round, like Jason Maxiell did, we dont even play orlando, and we certainly dont take them 7…
    Scalabrine better player then davis? thats fuckin absurd, Scalabrine sat and rotted on the bench for the majority of his fat, hideous contract he has, and didnt even play a minute when the team was healthy, and wouldnt have this season if they stayed healthy…Davis has been a cog in the machine, healthy or not, since HIS ROOKIE SEASON
    Whats next, scals better then pierce and Lebron? because neither of them could match up with lewis and turkoglu…. and to the idiot(s) who think we lost that series because of BBD are kidding themselves, in a series that went 7 games, there are a ton of things that couldve gone differently, and each and every player on our roster couldve played better then they did…..blaming anything on BBD is insane, he stepped up as much or more then anyone on the team

  • Oh, and are you a Powe guy? that would somewhat explain it, big time powe backs just cant seem to accept davis…its very weird…
    Lets see Leon defend Hedo or Lewis…haha that would be something, would he trip and fall like he did when defending joe johnson ?

  • Scott

    Well said. We shouldn’t even have to explain this to you. It is just so absurd for you to say that Scal is a better player than BBD. You must know absolutely nothing about basketball.

  • big baby is a post, he can guard posts fine, heck his rookie season when he was asked to guard tim duncan he did a heck of a job, ask him to guard dwight howard he’ll be good, ask him to guard pau he can handle that too, but he’s not a wing, so its quite understandable why he wouldn’t be able to guard rashard lewis, who by the way isnt just some scrub
    but i understand where you say big baby has his faults, he has trouble finishing around the rim sometimes, although he has gotten a little better with that, and his help d is subpar because there is no way in hell he is going to rotate over and block a shot, the only chance he has is to take a charge
    that being said a lot of big baby’s faults will be covered up by pretty much always playing with someone who has excellent length on defense, kg perk and sheed
    i think powe a healthy powe would be a better fit for this team than big baby, but just because of styles of play rather than quality of player, i think down the road if we do give big baby up we might want that one back
    im fine if danny decides a trade needs to be done because big baby never wowed anybody in limited minutes, and im not sure whether his play wont suffer going back to being the fourth big on the bench, but ive been a big baby guy all along so id love to take a chance and keep him

  • Boney

    Since when is Baby 6’9?
    Baby is less valuable on D than Maxiell. Baby also puts in more points per night because of the penetration caused by others. Detroit does not have guys to spread the floor like Boston does.
    Maxiell and Baby are about the same. Baby is more gifted offensively because he can step out to 15 feet while Max is an in the paint scorer.
    Baby is not as quick as Maxiell is laterally on defense.

  • Boney

    Wilcox was signed to a 2 year deal, it’s not like he was signed long term. Detroit has 3 big men, they needed another big and at least 1 more.
    Signing Baby isn’t saying anything negative about Maxiell. It’s like comparing bringing Kwame in over Maxiell off the bench to guard a true center and saying “oh well, that’s an indictment against Maxiell”

  • Boney

    all shotblockers get dunked on.