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The Pacers Are Really White

Chuck - Red's Army July 20, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on The Pacers Are Really White

Via Rumors & Rants:

Last week, we touched on the Indiana Pacers’, and more specifically Larry Bird’s affinity for an endangered species – the caucasian American professional basketball player.

A month ago, Bird drafted North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough to bring the team’s white count to a league-leading six. (Jeff Foster,
Troy Murphy, Travis Diener, Josh McRoberts, and Mike Dunleavy are the
others.) What’s more impressive than the Pacers putting together a team
resembling the
first continental Congress is the fact they’ve stocked their squad with non-European vanilla.

It can only be a strange coincidence that the greatest white player in the history of the NBA has assembled a team containing more white players than any other in the league. Right?

I was struck by two things reading this post; the fact the Pacers are loaded with white guys, and the author is a very funny writer. Here's more:

Did you even have to ask? Rumor has it, Brian Scalabrine would be coming to the heartland. Shocking, I know. So now you can add a slice of ginger bread to that loaf of Sunbeam.

To his credit, Bird did sign former Denver Nugget Dahntay Jones this offseason. But Dahntay went to Duke, so he might as well be white.

In other news, Marc Spears says the Suns are giving Steve Nash a 3 year, $22 million extension.

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  • 10 Other White Guys The Pacers Could Sign
    Haha, thought you would like that.

  • Scott

    Ramon Sessions for backup PG? Anyone know what he’s asking for/commanding?

  • G4L

    FInally some diversity in the NBA.. Haha!

  • nick

    whats diversity? Well I beleive its an old old wooden ship used during the Civil War

  • zippittyay

    I ventured the theory back in the 90s that there was a rule in the NBA that EVERY team had to have a white guy on it. This was before the Euros were prevalent, but I have yet to see a single team that didn’t carry one big, lumbering white project or a wannabe pete maravich 3rd string point guard on the team.

  • JD

    way too much for us. and there’s no room for two young stud point guards

  • Larry Bird wants the Pacers to look like Hickory High from the movie “Hoosiers”
    Jim O’Brien will be fired soon and replaced with Gene Hackman.