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Matt Barnes to Orlando

It's pretty much a done deal for Matt Barnes to go to Orlando.  The need for Boston to sign him was eliminated by the Marquis Daniels (eventual) acquisition… but the calls for Boston to sign Barnes by esteemed reader Nick have been among the most entertaining things to read (and hear) this month. 

The good thing is… now we get to see him much more often.  This will allow us to really get into whether he would have been a better or worse fit than Daniels.   

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  • Lakeshow

    Lakeshow! Lakeshow! its time for the celts to stop acting like they’re relevant with their old ass players. Can anyone here say three-peat? Lakeshow! Kobe Bryant finals MVP this upcoming season and will probs average about 45pts against the boston ‘retirement home’ celtics.

  • FSantos33

    Bless you Nick – Don’t hurt yourself brother it’s only basketball. LOL

  • JD

    Why don’t you worry about signing Lamar Odom before making any proclomations about how great your Lakers are? I’m going to laugh my ass off if he goes elsewhere, and you Lakers fans will have to deal with Sasha Vujabitch and Luke “I hate my daddy so I play for his old rival” Walton coming off the bench. And even if Odom does sign and LA makes it back to the Finals, there will be one of three teams who are deeper and more talented than the Lakers (Boston, Cleveland, Orlando for any of you dumbasses out there).

  • from sg

    poor nick.

  • hmmm the top 3 teams in the east are all having…ummm…insane offseasons…and theh east is gonna be tough, 3 of the top 4 teams are in the east now, the west is the lakers, and if healthy the spurs, everyone else is a joke and has no legit shot at contending

  • Scott

    You’ve got to be kidding me. ahahahaha

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t call Dallas a joke. With one more move to add a center, they again have a legit shot out West. Too bad they gave up their future in Devin Harris, and too bad they lost out on Gortat, but I’m happy the Magic overpaid.
    I’m happy with Marquis, I just didn’t think we could afford him. He’s quicker than Barnes, a better defender, and great backup should Rasheed start a brawl. It’s like we just got the player we all wanted TA to become. And he has almost as many tats as Barnes.
    Adding a PG would still be nice, but top priority is now BBD. I’m hoping we keep Giddens, not because he fills a need, but because he showed special-ness this summer and could be worth a lot more in trade value next season or a solid piece of future. I’m fine parting with Pruitt or Walker if needs be in Daniels deal.

  • Nick

    wow! all i gota say is that Orlando is loaded. All these dumb arguments about how they’ll be worse is fucking stupidity. Ya i know Hedo played some point forward for them, big fucking deal. Carter,Barnes,Bass,Gortat,D-12,Lewis,Nelson,Pietrus,Anderson. There is no denying the fact that they are better than Cleveland right now, right? Deeper younger just more versatile in every way. That being said, the C’s are gona have revenge on their minds and Sheed,Marquis and a halthy starting 5..That right there may be enough but I would like a legit backup PG AND BIGBABY back just to assure things. Dammit though Im just really pissed cause Barnes and Daniels are 2 TOTALLY different players, I would of loved to get both but fuck it now.