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Marisa Miller Was Best Thing About The ESPYs


Nobody really gives a crap about the ESPYs, especially the fact the Lakers won for Best Team.

What I do care about is Marissa Miller. She was there and looking fabulous.

More pictures….after the jump.





So those last two weren't from the ESPYs….sue me.

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  • Couldn’t agree more.
    They were pretty lame, though they showed Marisa before each commercial break and on their way back from each one. Outstanding.

  • I think the best part by far was when Samuel L called out Lebron about the video of him getting dunked on. CLASSIC!

  • Sal

    The Lakers winning Best Team? Naturally! Only the best teams play with the hearts of dead lions as they get pushed to seven by a team missing its two best players. Phillies should have won it, for Christ’s sake.
    Back on topic, um, Marisa. Yes.

  • Ha, that was a funny roast at the beginning… to Michael Phelps, “no one minded when you smoked the competition”.

  • srm90

    Didn’t the Hawks push the Celtics to a Game 7, or am I only imagining that? I’m not trying to troll here, but I always cringe when Boston fans try to play down or discredit the Lakers in some way because the Rockets brought them to a Game 7, as they forget that a team with a losing record did the same to the Celtics. I don’t place any stock in that now that they ended up champs, but apparently Boston fans do when it’s in their favor. Either way the Espys are pretty dumb anyways, award shows are so kiss ass.

  • …and when Boston won Best Team last year, the ESPY’s were awesome, correct? -__-

  • orcfenix

    hypocrisy at it’s finest