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Chuck - Red's Army July 19, 2009 Uncategorized 16 Comments on Pick a Piston

According to Marc Spears:

Det addition of wilcox doesnt affect sign trade interest in Cs Big Baby

My reply to Mr. Spears:

Who on pistons roster interests Danny Ainge?

I don't see how this is possible. Check out the Pistons roster:

  • Kwame Brown – $4 million
  • Will Bynum – $800K
  • Ben Gordon – $10 million
  • Richard Hamilton – $11 million
  • Jason Maxiell – $5 million
  • Tayshuan Prince – $10 million
  • Rodney Stuckey – $1.8 million
  • Charlie Villanueva – $6.5 million

The only way a sign-and-trade with Detroit works, is if the Celtics take… Kwame Brown.

Please Marc Spears, answer my tweet and tell me how this works.

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  • teshaun? is the only one for me i dont see how we could take back 14 mil for big baby though, but if its possible im all for it

  • jason maxiell

  • FSantos33

    Better not be Brown – Oh Hell No! Can’t believe you used Brown in the same sentence with the Celtics.

  • Nick

    I’de do Big Baby and Scal for Kwame and Maxiell and thats it. I think that is a great trade assuming scal doesn’t get sent to Indiana. It gives us more depth even though Big Baby may be the biggest name in the deal. Kwame will still become productive at some point in his career and I would like to have it be on our watch. another deal I would do is either Maxiell or Kwame packaged with Will Bynum for Scal and Bbay. Bynum is light years better than Pruitt or Hudson at this point, did any of u guys see how he played against Cleveland in the playoffs even though they got throttled. I would do either of those trades.

  • DRJ

    Here’s an interesting and eye-opening analysis of Baby’s stats for last year. Baby did some great things late in the year, but overall, omg… it’s scary. http://www.celticstown.com/big-baby-glen-davis-by-the-stats.html
    I like Baby despite his stats, but I’m not in love with his game. Physically, he will always have some deficits. A good, smart trade involving him shouldn’t be ruled out. But I’d keep Scal.

  • yea his stats were messed up early because he really didnt have any confidence or consistent minutes, thats not usually a situation where a young player while thrive in
    the only one i can really remember that doesnt seem to be affected by the minutes he plays is leon powe

  • how about adding hakeem warrick with the lle as our 4th big if we complete a s&t with indiana and baby leaves
    he would give us a little more versatility than diogu, because he can play the three, i wouldnt play him rondo and marquis together though, they arent considered sharpshooters

  • scenario where we could make a s&t work?
    indiana gives up: tj ford, aj price, marquis daniels,
    gets back: rodney stuckey, jason maxielle, will bynum, and tony allen
    detroit gives up: stuckey, maxielle, bynum, joans jerebko
    gets back: tj ford, bill walker, gabe pruitt, big baby
    boston gives up tony allen, big baby, bill walker, jr giddens
    gets back daniels, aj price, and jerebko
    and if we want to swing for the fences we could ask for denier

  • sign and trade with just pistons, who would i want for big baby? two words DAJUAN SUMMERS

  • FSantos33

    Role Play:
    BBD’s Agent – We didn’t get any offers yet Glen
    BBD – What the fuck is up? We waited for two months.
    BBD’s Agent – Everything is going to be okay, I have it under control
    BBD – I want the fuck out of Boston even if I am getting less money
    BBD’s Agent – Thinking to himself “Damn, I will get less commission”… Okay Glen I promise we will get an offer next week
    BBD – Should fire your dumb ass right now you SOB
    Honestly, this has to be painful for BBD. If I were him I would want the fuck out too. Just common sense. Emotions or Business I feel for BBD. Wish him well. I am a fan of his. Good luck man.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Maxiel and Kwame Brown make way too much money because Davis is a BYC player.
    Glen’s trade value is 50% of his new deal, for the C’s side of the equation, and 100% for Detroits side in a straight up deal.
    Combine that with the ‘must be within 15%’ rule for teams over the cap and a straight up deal with Detroit is impossible.
    New Orleans has the same problem as they want Baby and would probably try to get us do a straight up deal for Posey if it weren’t for BYC.
    The only way a sign and trade for Glen Davis works is if a team under the cap that can absorb salary gets involved.
    There’s probably just one team left who both can help and would be willing to help for the right price and it’s the OKC Thunder. They can either do a deal for a BYC player or they can help two other teams get a deal done. I think Portland is looking to spend their cap space, right?
    So every agent who wants to get their BYC client a raise AND move him to another team, and every team that wants a BYC guy has to call the Thunder. New York’s David Lee is the other sought after soon-to-be-BYC guy I’ve noticed but there must be others out there too.

  • Lakerhater


  • DRJ

    I’m sure you’ve all see this, it’s such a riot… Steve Smith talking about Kwame… “he has no game”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PP4RT-vv-o

  • MDVC

    Kwame would be perfect. We will now have another $4 mil expiring contract that we could use at the trade deadline to add another important piece to the Championship run…

  • Gant

    It’s Maxiell that’s a match talent-wise and money-wise. It DOES work despite the BYC because Detroit is 3.2 mil under the cap.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Detroit is still under, even after signing Wilcox? Or is it that Wilcox would put them over, but they are waiting to sign the contracts because they are using exception money for Wilcox and can sign him after a deal?
    Hmm and what’s the point of a Baby for Maxiel swap especially if they make the same money? They’re similar guys, you’d think each team would prefer to stick with the guy they have been developing in their system.